Saturday, January 14, 2012

What is to come?

Six months ago we decided it was time to downsize and put our farm up for sale.  We did not labor the decision and proceeded.  It sold....28.9 acres of lush woodland, three Christmas tree fields, a barn, garden cottage, equipment shed and chicken coupe.  The new family won't move in for a couple of months and for this we are very grateful.  The house we are moving to needs some updating and having the time to accomplish the task is good.  The day our farm sold we found our new home.  It is located very close by and it is exactly the kind of place we had hoped to find.  It is quite a bit smaller, faces the West, we can see the sky and there are lovely trees surrounding the property.  Once again God has taken care of us, given us our dream of retiring in the manor we enjoy and helped us along this journey of life.   There is a barn and chicken coupe....too!  We will be taking our three goats, chickens, dog and cat.  No animal will be left behind! 
Here is our new home.  We have had the roof replaced, the chimney rebuilt and started to renovate the inside.  We won't be able to paint the outside until summer but in no time it will be the "new dream" come true.  As time goes on I will post the improvements and show our progress.  Soon we will be living in our renovated home and truly beginning a new season of life.

Monday, January 2, 2012

At first glance......what do you see?

 Look a little closer!

All was calm.....

and at peace.
Domestic and wild.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Take in "The New Season" as it begins to unfold.
For I am here and you are there. Forget-me-not.