Saturday, April 14, 2012

Quick.....the sun is out! Opportunity to plant a kitchen garden.

I had plans to post more about our move but that has been postponed due to sunshine!  This last week we prepared a small area for a kitchen garden in between downpours of rain.  First, my husband placed a slate path from the small patio area leading out to the backyard.  Then he dug out the old dirt in the bed and replaced it with a 3 way mixture of sand, soil and organic matter.  The dirt that came with our place is the redder, more rocky variety you can see between the slate.  It's not bad but not good for growing edible things.  This area gets morning sunshine and some afternoon rays, as well.  It is the perfect location for the plants I chose.                            

Lemon Marigolds...edible
Parsley/Italian and curly
Chives/regular and garlic flavored
Variegated Nasturtium
Lemon Thyme
Italian Oregano and Rosemary
It didn't take long to tuck the plants in the warm earth and give them a good watering.
Now we wait for them to grow and harvest.  There is one small issue that may crop up...tonight....slugs!
A bottle of beer poured into small lids and placed at each corner of the garden will take care of that!
A side note about the Lemon Gem Marigolds.  If you have never planted them you have missed a treat.  They have a sweet lemon marigold scent, and add beauty to a salad.   Nasturtiums do the same thing, but have a peppery flavor. 

Tomorrow may offer another opportunity to plant a garden...that is if the sun is out!  If not....there are always more boxes to unpack. :)


  1. The slate path is wonderful! And love all the herbs you've been planting. In the past year or two we've downsized gardening a bit, mostly due to bad-weather summers back-to-back and expense. We'll be re-shaping our herb patch a bit smaller and not doing veggies this year. So I'll enjoy seeing what happens growing at your patch. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  2. Hmmmm, I'll have to try the lemon marigolds in my herb patch. That slate path is perfect!