Sunday, April 22, 2012

Restoration and upkeep of our 1969 circa home begins!

Our "new" 1969 circa home was built strong and has good bones. What it needed when we found it was restoration and upkeep. Chris Livingston of  Pillar to Post,  did a complete inspection of house from top to bottom.  During the inspection Chris found that we needed  to replace the chimney, the roof and update the plumbing. This was not at all out of line with a 43 year old home, and we felt confident to begin work.

On December 22nd we had a mason, Mike Cacka, (of Canby, Oregon)  come to the house and repair the chimney.  He removed the old brick, and completely rebuilt the structure using new brick.  The new brick will last a lifetime not like "used" brick that suffers from crumbling due to weather exposure. Mike did a fine job and he obviously knew what he was doing!  Remember it was December. It was cold and wet.  Mike got right to work between rainy days, and had the job done without a hitch.
Next we called Interstate Roofing, and worked with Ronnie Slichter.  He promptly came out to the house, did a estimate of the time, and costs involved in re-roofing the home. The following week a team of six men showed up with a dumpster and materials.  Our choice of roofing material was an architectural grade composite product.  In four days the job was complete, and the grounds were picked up.  A tear off creates an amazing amount of debris.  Interstate supplies a container for all of it, and then takes it to a recycling location to have it used for other applications.

During the process of re-roofing and repairing the chimney we determined that new windows and exterior doors would be highly advantages to keeping our energy efficiency in check.  The old windows were single pane and not safety glass.   Several of the windows were a very dated style louver design. They are commonly used in trailers and in warmer climates.  In our area they didn't seem prudent considering what heating and cooling costs are.

After searching on-line for a window company, I came across a familiar face at LifeTimeWindows. Eric Peterson is one of the owners at LifeTimeWindows and the son-in-law of a special friend, Audrey Howe.  Eric measured each window and door carefully for us.  He then suggested two styles of windows and doors.  Each choice would be a great improvement and give us what we wanted.  We chose Milgard windows due to their low profile and energy efficiency.  Within ten days the windows and doors were delivered, and installation began.  It took three days to complete the job. We couldn't be more happy with the outcome.  The two man team who did the  installing  were meticulous and detailed. We would recommend this company to anyone looking for new windows and doors, LifeTimeWindows!  Give Eric a call like we did! You won't be sorry!

Old windows, clouded and a safety concern.

New windows........clear, airtight, double paned and safety glass where it counts.  We have little ones to protect and we won't need to worry now. One addition we made to the new windows was to make them able to open along the lower portion of the windows.  It greatly improves air flow on warmer days.

With new windows came the need for window coverings.  We have chosen  solar blinds and somewhat sheer curtains.  We didn't want to block the light but needed to block the suns rays from heating up the room too much.

Between getting the windows installed, and getting the curtains hung were weeks of sanding, painting and repainting of  all 20 ( which include closets) doors, window trim, and the ceilings in each room of the house.  The woodwork in the house was natural mahogany and dark walnut.  It has all been sanded, primed, and painted white.  The beams were already painted a light green.  They are now a deep brown to connect the dark brown floors and contrast with the white woodwork.  The finished rooms look good and will be easy to live with.  We didn't spare anything on the paint.  This work needs to last a long time!  


  1. SO much work! But I'm sure it looks beautiful now~!

  2. BIG beautiful windows, Julene... love those! So much to do... but it's always worth it, especially when making over a place into one's own nest. Later this week and be away in Vienna for a few days. See you soon again in blogland! :o) ((HUGS))

  3. I think I'm way behind here. Is this a new property? Did you sell your other property? I'll check your older posts and see what I can see. :0)