Friday, May 25, 2012

Lilacs, Grapes and Gophers!

We have planted lilacs in our yard in years past, and cherished the period of time they bloomed. When we bought our new place we had no idea of the blooming display we would have! There are more than fifteen bushes/trees and they have been here a long time. They are in need of pruning and we will do that in the Fall. We have been told to cut them back one third, fertilize and stand back as they grow lush for next years spring season. They seem pretty great this year so it will be especially rewarding to watch them become stronger with the needed care.

I have stood next to our lilacs and buried my face in each bush.  Some have a very heady fragrance while others have a softer scent.

We have picked armloads of bouquets from these bushes and on this Memorial Day weekend they are being used to celebrate the memories of those we have loved but have passed away.

The blooms are fading quickly but some remain long enough to be enjoyed for this occasion.

When we sold our farm we came to grips with leaving our ten grape plants. Five Muscat and Five Jupiter plants. Much to our delight the new owners didn't want them, and offered to let us take them!  We did! In one day they were dug up and replanted.  They were in their dormant stage and we wondered if they would make the move?

They did survive, and each plant is putting out leaves at a rapid pace.  If we get a few grapes this year we will be happy.  The soil here at the new place seems to be better for the plants.  We chose to plant the grapes along our driveway and in a few weeks there will be a new fence to the left of my husband. The fence will be a topic for another day.  :)

Gopher Tale.....

I hope this doesn't disturb anyone because it is a great victory!  Gophers abound out there in our large grassy area. We are on the hunt with traps! The traps kill them instantly, and that is the way it is. Gophers dig, dig, dig. One gopher can make a mess of a lawn so quickly, and make the ground uneven. Our "lawn" is the future pasture for the goats and they don't need holes to step in.  A mole does the same thing but it is a smaller hole. Nonetheless...they are both a nuisance.
The gopher my husband is holding up so proudly is an old gopher.  He is quite large, and he will be the subject of "man to man" comparisons this summer.

Have a nice Memorial Day weekend!  We have plans that will keep us home and continuing to settle in.  What are you doing?  Any gopher tales from your yard?


  1. That doesn't disturb me at all. My brother has a huge gopher problem and they really have had to be creative on getting rid of them before they eat or chew up everything!'
    I love lilacs and really hope my little plant thrives!

  2. No gopher tails or tales from here but I applaud J's gopher hunting prowess. Having lived in a place where gopher holes and pig digging forays could keep the airplane, my only connection with the outside world, from landing safely in my village, my attitude is a good gopher is a dead gopher.

    Thank you for placing those lilacs on the graves of our loved ones!