Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Kitchen

Once we took possession of our house things happened very quickly, and almost before I could get the "before" pictures.  The kitchen had seen its day and needed a complete remodel.  In a matter of minutes the kitchen cabinets were torn out, and the space was cleared.  What you see above are the old cabinets ready to go out the door.  They were made of  walnut and quite dark.
The kitchen is very small at 9 feet in length. It is a galley kitchen and we needed to fit in a range, refrigerator and dishwasher.  The refrigerator needed to be cabinet depth instead of the standard deeper size they usually come in.  We chose an 18 cubic ft. Samsung french door refrigerator. The range is an LG and it has a glass top with front controls. It also has a beautiful blue interior. There is a smaller oven below the large oven.  It's going to take some reading to figure out how everything works on this range!  It's like getting a new camera!  

Since the kitchen is small we decided to raise the upper cabinets to the maximum height possible. There is an air intake over the refrigerator cabinet that had to be considered and left exposed.  The cabinets are high enough to require a stool to reach into them.  I have decided to store things rarely used up there, but still need when cooking a family meal.

The dishwasher is a Kenmore Elite.  It is the quietest dishwasher we could find, and after using it several times we have found it truly quiet!

The  counter tops are quartz.  This natural stone is easy to keep and they don't require polishing or resurfacing. They are also not porous.  The kitchen sink is stainless steel and it is mounted under the counter top.  The back splash is  a warm tone tile and easy to wipe down.

The cabinets are made of maple with no color added to the finish.  The cabinets were built by Toni Egli from Ye Old Cabinet Shop in Canby, Oregon.  Toni has done an amazing job in our kitchen and detailed it to perfection.  We couldn't be more pleased!

Even though this kitchen is small it is sufficient for our downsized lifestyle.  It serves us well and is a breeze to clean-up!

One quick word about the appliances.  They are all computerized...every single one!  This is a concern in times of power outages.  We decided early on to put a power surge protector at the main box to our house. It is better than insurance to protect the investment of new appliances and a less costly expense than replacing the appliances after a couple of power surges.  


  1. Everything looks great! It's good to be proactive on those power issues!!

  2. WOW...I LOVE the maple cabinetry, Julene! Maple is such a lovely wood, and really makes for beauty in the kitchen. I like that you didn't add any extra to the color--just letting that true wood shine. Fun to see/hear a bit about the process of your new kitchen--very exciting! We have a tiny box of a kitchen, and while there are time extra space would be nice (like preparing for big gatherings/holidays), I can't say I'd really want a bigger kitchen now. I like it simple, more minimal. :o) Happy Weekend...Have a great Mother's Day ((HUGS))

  3. It's beautiful, Julene! We had a galley kitchen most of the years we were raising our girls, and it was the easiest kitchen to cook in...everything within easy reach. You will make delicious meals and happy memories here, I can tell.

  4. Your new kitchen is beautiful! Actually, my favorite kitchen ever was a galley kitchen. It was so efficient and easy to cook in. Not sure what I'd think about all those computerized appliances. Seems computerized stuff is harder to repair, but hopefully you'll have many, many troublefree years with them.

  5. I like a galley kitchen because everything is in easy reach. The counter and sink side is especially lovely with the bank of windows! I'm looking forward to seeing it in person some day.