Sunday, May 20, 2012

New vistas

Camas Lily
(Camassia quamash)
Moving even a short distance has taken us down new roads and we see new vistas.  All of these pictures were taken within a few feet of the road. The flowers mingle together in the natural setting and create a car stopping, camera grabbing moment!

Camas Lily bulb was eaten by the Lewis and Clark Expedition, 1804-1806.
It grows and thrives in wetlands. 

Hawthorn Tree
There are a thousand varieties of Hawthorn tree.  They are a member of the rose family and grow wild in the Northwest.  The limbs sport a lengthy thorn and they are not easy to hold without getting pricked. Birds are drawn to the trees for nest making because of their lush canopy.

Hawthorn Tree

We have two Hawthorn trees at the end of our driveway: a large pink  tree and a small white tree.
Most likely they grew on their own and were not planted by a person. 

White Bells

Catesby Trillium (T. catesbaei)

.Trillium's are commonly found in our area, in a woodland setting, but this one is completely new-to-me.  It has a very different flower.  It is smaller and more compact than the common variety.  

This is the view from the car as we drove away from the area.  It is a very wet piece of land and laden with  deciduous trees.  I wonder about the history of the property?  I know just the person to ask and I will do that soon!

What new roads or vistas are waiting for you to see?  


  1. Beautiful views you have. It's great to stop and see...

  2. Everything in your part of the world looks so lush and green! The blooms are so gorgeous... thanks for sharing these pictures with us, Julene!!

  3. I love trilliums! That's one flower I miss down here.

    New vistas? This summer we're hoping to visit some more gardens and also hike a few trails up in the coastal mountains.