Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Out to the garden......

Out to the garden means out to the one and only raised garden for this year!  Our "To Do" list is too long to add more raised gardens at this time!  After all we live in a garden valley and produce is available in abundance without more than a miles drive to find it.  Next year we will add more raised gardens when we have more time.

The raised bed sits East and West.  It receives direct afternoon sun from the West.  Perfect for this kind of growing.

Deciding what to grow wasn't difficult but we needed to consider the small space carefully. 
Plant and seed list: 
1. 4 Roma tomato plants
2. Blue Lake Beans(Bush)
3. Beets
4. Carrots
5. Lettuce(3 varieties)
   a. Romaine
   b. Red Tip Leaf
   c. Arugula
6. Lemon cucumbers
7. Basil

LilliAnne found some beautiful buttercup flowers and she planted them! Stems and all! :)

Papa's Helper! 
 It is most common to plant a raised garden of this size (6x9) in a square foot design.  We decided to not do this and plant in rows.  Next season we will look further into the reasoning behind square foot gardening and probably plant in rows again. :)

Our raised garden was planted in minutes.  After all there is no tilling, no rocks, and the space is filled with wonderful soil made especially for vegetables.

We stood back and were pleased with the little garden! 

 One week later.......this is the result of sunshine and rain.

The only seeds that have not germinated are the basil and lemon cucumbers.  The lovely warm days we are having will change that quickly!  Basil has to have warm, warm weather or it won't take off.
Now, on to last years geraniums! We have spread them out in front of the garage to get direct sunshine and by July 4th we should have full blooming plants.  I like holding over the geraniums but the blooming is much later than buying them new each year.  It is worth the wait and bother of keeping them inside all winter. I did not pinch the plants back like I should have, but it looks like they will be fine.  I'll show them again when they are blooming and you can see what I mean.  :)
Happy gardening!  


  1. It's just too bad I can't clone you to help my yard! :0)

  2. FUN to see your gardening in progress now, Julene! The raised bed is wonderful! I agree with Ellen, some of your raised beds over here would be great! ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))