Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Painting the exterior of the house

We began painting our house two weeks ago.  After one coat of paint it was clear that it needed a second coat.  The old paint is a light green.  Every building, which includes the house, barn and chicken shed were/are the same color of green. Early on we decided to darken the exterior of the house to coincide with its natural chalet design. 

The color we chose to use is Espresso Brown.  The trim will be white and there will be red accents somewhere.  I have planted a lot of red flowers and they really look nice against the dark brown backdrop.  

The siding is a very heavy T1-11 with deep groves.  Each groove had to be hand brushed. We are not complaining, but that is a lot of little space to cover!  We have hired a painter to do the higher points and the beams.  Climbing a ladder that extends it's full length is not anything we want to do and our painter doesn't have a problem with it.  He is young and agile!  God Bless him!!!
When everything is finished I will come back and give a full post to show the change the paint has made.  We are waiting for the rain to subside and for a day when the painter can return to work here.
All the while that we have been painting there has been a peanut gallery over our shoulders.  Professor is very curious.

To anyone who has not had goats you don't know what your missing!  They are one animal that give and give!  They are social, alert us when something isn't right, and constantly ask for grain or a treat! I suppose our goats are spoiled but look at that mug!  They give us more enjoyment than we ever expected.Professor is a Cashmere goat.  He is the alpha male and will fight anyone who takes him on over that status. We have had four goats for years and years.  In the past months two of them have died of old age.  The average goat of this size lives 12 to 13 years.  We do miss them and feel bad that they're gone.  Did we use their fiber? No. We brush them, enjoy them and they entertain us.  We call them our "smile givers."  

When we moved the goats over here we had to make sure the fence was adequate.  A goat can and will escape if they find a weak spot in the fence.  We put up a portable fence for now.  It extends from the barn, which you see in this picture.  The barn is about to get painted, too!  Color? Barn red!  I can't wait!!  It will be done when time permits.
Today, while we were painting, Bart is hiding under a chair and watching the birds.  This is not good for the birds but we are on top of it!  I do a lot of diverting of his attention, and put him in the house when we are not outside.
That is about it for painting the house!  There is great appreciation for this work to be done!  Soon!!  


  1. Last year we painted outside the house and the colour is very similar to this. It was called Caramel. I love goats! We see them roaming around our area, such a rare sight! considering that we live in the town...I'd love to have a few of them...but I think my yard is kinda small :) Happy weekend....MK

  2. I like that color and you are right it will look good surrounded by all the natural greenery. The goat is quite handsome. Glad you are getting someone else to get up on the high ladder. Dear was a house painter in a previous life and he is quite comfortable on a tall ladder but I still don't like it!

  3. LOVE the espresso color! And I can see the white trim and red accents to come! We're going to be doing some interior painting this summer/autumn and thinking maybe a softer espresso/cappuccino color for the dining room with lots of white accents. I've warmed to shades of chocolate-brown in the last year or so. FUN seeing the critters there! :o) Happy Days, Julene. Great to be in touch again! ((HUGS))