Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In one week.......

 Several living species joined me as I worked around the yard this past week.  None of them ran off and neither did I!  Each one allowed me the opportunity to grab a camera or phone, and let me peer for an extended amount of time.   

This little tiny tree frog was crawling around a planted pot on the patio.  The planter offered plenty of protection, food, water and a cool respite from the sun (even though our temps have been in the 70's).  

The dragonfly landed on a rock near the front door, and I ran to get the camera.  The coloring is what caught my eye.  I've seen many blue dragonfly but never this combination of black and blue.  I call her "Blue Glow."

A yellow Swallowtail butterfly flew right over my head and landed in a nearby planter.  It was so stunning that I jumped up to get the camera...once again!  This Swallowtail butterfly was missing much of it's wings end.  It's the part that teardrops and I wonder what happened?  Did a bird attempt to grab it for dinner or what?  Nonetheless, it could still fly and seemed very happy to flutter around my flower garden.  (These photos were taken with my cell phone so a true close-up didn't work).

...........something beautiful right under my nose! 


  1. Lovely! Lot better than what I spotted today running along the perimeter of our house...a rat!! Oye! Lovely photos Julene!

  2. Soooo BEAUTIFUL! I just love butterflies and dragonflies--they are special symbols for me. The tree frog is so sweet--so small he is! It is always such a pleasure to visit your garden, Julene. Great to see you back here. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))