Saturday, July 7, 2012

Papa had a birthday.

Yes, Papa had a birthday!  This is the birthday that helps with health insurance.  None of the other birthdays before helped in this way!  If you are 65 you understand. :)

The sweetest little gift came in an egg carton to Papa.

Found treasures filled each egg space and Papa couldn't have been more happy with his gift!

His other gift was our "sweet one" wanting to hop on the tractor and pretend to go for a ride!

Our family celebrates a life well lived and a lifetime of helping others.
Another gift came yesterday. 
One reason we moved to a smaller place was to simplify life, but before the "simple" can be lived there are a few things that must be tackled. (We say this a lot.)  These are mostly one time jobs. 
We need a fence up the driveway.  Now, our last home had fencing that was really nice but it had to be painted most years.  We don't want to paint fences any longer, so we chose rough pressure treated wood to build the new three rail fence.  Once it is built that will be it! painting, sturdy and appealing.   

Yesterday we were working on the new fence and it was getting hot.  A neighbor stopped his car on his way by our place, and offered his post hole auger for us to use!  You can imagine our delight at not having to dig another hole?

 Here it is on our tractor, ready to dig, dig, dig!  Thank you, neighbor!!  What a gift!

The driveway is not short as you can see below. 

The best gifts come along the way from out of the blue, and we know that we are being cared for in a very generous way.  We thank God, our creator, for watching over us!


  1. Oh how wonderful to have a neighbor willing to share his most useful tool!! A very happy birthday to your guy! Lots of sweet gifts for sure. I'm all for not having to paint a fence either....

  2. Such sweet birthday surprises for Papa... and those little ones have gotten so big! Wow, that is a long driveway... bless you neighbor for the kindness in the loan of some equipment to make the fencing go easier! :o) Happy Days, Julene ((HUGS))

  3. Wonderful birthday present! And sounds like you all have a very generous neighbor~ those augers make quick work of an otherwise rough (and slow!) job!

  4. Such a nice birthday! Happy weekend soon.