Sunday, August 26, 2012

Getting wood, tree trimming, building fence and one last thing!

Getting enough wood for the winter is something that can't be put off and on this hot day we trekked off to a friends property who wanted an alder tree taken down.  It's not difficult to take a tree down with a chain saw, but the work to get it limbed, chopped up and brought home wasn't so easy.   My  job was to throw the smaller pieces of wood in the bed of the truck and Jim split the wood. Some of the pieces are too large to simply split, so they were put in the truck last.
When we got home we then stacked the wood for further splitting.  Some people throw the wood out of the truck in a pile but we stack it.  The reason we stack it is that it may be there for sometime and stacked wood takes up less room in the driveway.  It's not much more work in the long run.

Wood cutting often falls on a day when the temperatures are hot!  This was the case for us and we were lucky to be in the shade while working.
One implement that we are able to use is a wood splitter.  On the day we cut our wood it was not available but it is now, and we'll finish the splitting in no time with this amazing tool!!
Our new place has two extremely large maple trees.  They are small leafed maples and have been growing in place for at least 40 - 45 years.  Any trimming that has been done looks like nature did it!  I call that "God's pruning."  If we don't do it...He will. There is a life lesson in this reality!  We will have an arborist take a look at the trees before we start in.  There is no way we can reach the tops of the that will need to be considered.  What we need is a truck with a long lift bucket and I'm pretty sure no one around here has one.
The fence is coming along but has a ways to go.  In time.....and when there is time....we'll finish it up.
The weather took a cool turn this last week.  It feels like the hot, hot days are over and Fall is on its way. 
We only had two days over 100 degrees.  

One last thing......
  This little pansy is going in a small pot this week, and our granddaughter will be planting it.  She arrives today and we are thrilled to fill the next few days with her giggles and play!! 
.......happy week everyone! 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Garden Club

Forming a garden club is not difficult.  All it calls for is two people who love to garden and "tadaaa" a garden club is born!  

My friend, Gail, and I have decided to create a sedum planting for our first "event." The assignment was to reuse something from our stash of containers for the planter. Gail found two planters that were given to her and had been tucked away for years. They are perfect. I chose an old tin wash basin and a oil drain pan.  It is metal. Neither of us had containers with holes for drainage, so we layered rocks first, and then added a rich soil that contained fertilizer. I believe it is called Black Gold. Sedum's do just fine with this kind of planting as long as they aren't over watered. I spray mine down each morning before the sun reaches them. Sedum grow well in a semi-sun/shade location.  
We each had 28 tiny plants in various textures and colors.  They are happy little plants, don't you think?

I added a small clay pot and filled it with pebbles. It is tucked deep into the soil and the plants will encroach around it very quickly.
 Larger rocks were added to the plant scape below.
Growing happily........
 .....and then I decided to put the white birds into the mix.

The garden has become refreshing and life giving.....restorative.  This is a place to sit and watch as the birds fly in for a drink from the bird bath.  I like to read here in the afternoon, and after the sun has gone behind the trees.

Our second garden club project was to plant clay pots with geraniums, grass and small yellow cascading daisies.

The combination of color picks up the brown in our house and the arrangement pops with brightness!

We are off on our garden club adventure!  Who knows what we'll do next but we have talked about using a mass of purple pansies.......we'll see and I will share!  
 Happy Gardening!!