Saturday, September 15, 2012

A week of play........

The first moments after our LA arrived she asked to walk down the long driveway with papa. They walk hand in hand and talk the entire time.

There was someone....oops...I mean a horse beckoning a hand-up of an apple!  The apples fall just out of his reach and this horse knows better than to get stuck in the fence.  It would be easy for him to do.
We have explain to LA to keep her fingers and palm stiff and straight.  It is easy for a horse to grab a finger by mistake.
Each day thereafter...we made the trek to visit the horse and his two sidekick goats. For some reason they didn't get in the pictures but they were right there between the horses legs grabbing apples that came their way.

When the walk is over LA wants to play in the water with a hose and big bowl.  She washes rocks and waters the flowers.  This kind of playing goes on for a long, long time!  

LA watches us as we go about our day and she wants to help.  A tree down near the road needs to be watered each day.  We keep a large bucket of water down there with a coffee can and she runs to do this task.  She takes the job very seriously.  
Books are a large part of each day. LA is in first grade and reading pretty well.  Her love of books is fun to indulge!!
The week flew by and we have load of memories to carry us through until next time.  

Momma and the babies come to pick up LA but stay the night. We are all so happy to see them!  The babies are twins, a boy and a girl.  They were one year old the end of June.  We call each of our grandchildren miracle babies.....and this is the case with these two.

 Each one is unique and so loved!

Bart is not left out.  He is loved, too!  
It has been a good week of play and now we return to life as we are!