Monday, October 22, 2012

What may come?

 The sign of Fall is all around us.   

The view from the front windows show what happens in one day when the wind blows through.  One leaf stuck to the window and of course I had to capture that natural occurrence! 
 As you can see the front lawn became very dry due to more than 80 days without rain.  In a short time the space will green back up.  We'll be glad to see it and feel it!  Green is much softer and lush. :) 

Jim loves working outside (good thing) and he will be raking leaves for a few weeks, judging from the amount of leaves still on our huge maples. I rake too, but I'm not so good at it! 
 Notice the fence?  It's coming along!  

A fallen leaf is nothing more than summers wave goodbye.Author unknown

The bird bath is filling up with leaves and it looks like a work of art.  Yes, it does. :) 
We have the good fortune of having a RED MAPLE and it shouts out to be noticed!  
Recently we painted the barn red (it was mint green) and the tree was made to match it!


The chicken coupe received a coat of the same red paint and we are pretty sure the hens like it much better!

 Things are getting done around the new place.  There is time now to enjoy the season and prepare for Winter and Spring.  The leaves are put on the compost pile, the geraniums are in the barn, and mulch covers the flower beds.  We are ready for what may come!  

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yeah for LilliAnne!!

Congratulations!!! Good job, LA!!
You are a "Panda Pride" award winner for following directions!!
First Grade Award winner!  Yeah!!!!  
As a grandparent it is easy to love our matter what!  We celebrate each day just because they our ours and because they are uniquely wonderful.  An award tells the rest of the world they are special too!!