Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 12 What do I appreciate about where I live?

I live in Beavercreek, Oregon.  It is a hamlet with approximately 4500 residents.  You may wonder what a hamlet is? A hamlet is a settlement that is too small to be called a town and it is a part of a larger area.  The larger area here is Oregon City.  Beavercreek has a grange hall and monthly they hold town hall meetings. One day I'll go and find out what they discuss.

The area of Beavercreek is rural.  We have one gas station and a very small grocery store.  There is a bar/restaurant that has a nightly dinner special written on a board outside the building.  I have seen meals written on that board like "Taco night, Prime Rib, and Catfish," and I wonder if it is all you can eat?  One night we'll go find out what it's like.  It must be good because there are always lots of cars parked out in front.  There is also a drive-thru coffee hut.  I just got a cup of Americano there today.  I'll go back to support the small business.

I appreciate that this is not a highly regulated area of Oregon. (We can cut a tree down whenever we want.)  Most people have a little land, a garden, and animals.  Many people have cows, horses, lamas, alpaca's and goats.  The school is about as charming as one can get. I also appreciate that we are just four miles from Oregon City and 28 miles from downtown Portland. Nearby, we have a wonderful library with access to the larger system of Clackamas County.  There is plenty of commerce and lots of open space.   

Beavercreek is a new area to us.  We have only lived here a few months and in the next several years our familiarity will grow along with our appreciation.  We are where we are suppose to be and like it!


  1. Sounds like it's far enough out to hold the small town charm and close enough to the big town when you need it. I love the idea of chopping a tree down without causing a fuss :)

  2. I can't wait to visit one day!