Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 9 The List

Today's focus is on "My Record of Grace."  We all have a list of things we are grateful for whether we have written them down or not.  The fun part of today's focus is I am going to list some of the things that brought a "Thank you, Lord" to my lips during the past year. 

  • Thank you Lord for bringing the perfect family to buy our "family" home that we built from scratch. 

  • Thank you Lord for taking us to our new home and making it just right for our downsize! There is a barn and chicken coupe on the 1.6 acres.  All the animals got to come with us!!
  • Thank you Lord that all of our grandchildren are doing well! It was a difficult year for three of them but things are good now.  Precious beyond belief!!!

  • Thank you Lord for Jim and for all the work he does to make our lives better.
  • Thank you for good friends who understand the task we undertook and helped us.
  • Thank you for family that takes us as we are and loves us!
  • Thank  you for each day and for helping us stretch and grow. 
  • Thank you for the beauty that surrounds us...and especially for the big windows that look straight out at the sky from our new house.  
  • Thank you for digital camera's!  They are a source of joy....for all the freedom they give to record life! 
  • Thank you for good health.  This is a biggie considering how fragile the human body is...and how strong it is.  Drink....more water!! healthy.
  • last thing....thank you for my new job making fruit baskets!!  I've wanted a part time job for quite a while and this one fell into my path today!  :) 
This is not a complete list but is a good start!  It's only day 9 and there are lots more days to count our blessings before the end of the month.  Take the challenge here:


  1. A great exercise to look back and list these wonderful blessings...

  2. Oh Oh Oh! A new part time job! Now I understand the text :)