Monday, November 26, 2012

More beauty...... the sky!
When we talked about moving in the Spring of 2011 we made of list of things we would like to have.  Number one on the list was to find a home where we could see the sky.  At our old place we looked due West and the sunsets were ever present.  Here at our new home we have the same vista and it is a reminder of how we are cared for by our Almighty God! 
Yesterday as the day began to come to an end, and we were rushing around to finish up outside chores, this sky opened up.  Here we see the sky!  There is more beauty than we ever expected and for that we are thankful!

This month is dedicated to grace, gratitude and thankfulness.  Take a moment to see what others are saying here: Take the Grace Challenge if even for a few days.  It will change your life. 


  1. That is a gorgeous sky for sure!

  2. The Prof and I were talking about finding a home where we could sit on the porch and look out over an ocean or mountain valley view. Add sunset to that, please :)