Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On track with gratitude.

At http://thetempleblog.com/ the challenge for today is to be "gratitude's hands and feet. " 
"The end result of grace is that people serve one another, or to use our grace/gratitude language, they are gracious to one another.  We treat others how God has treated us.  He has been merciful, kind, and loving toward us. Today, the Grace Challenge calls us to be gracious toward other people."

*As the day proceeds, the outcome of our presidential race will be apparent, and I will choose to be gracious, no matter what!  How's that?  I know that under the circumstances of  "what is" the person who leads our nation will be given a great task, and ultimately God reigns.  I'm grateful for that truth! Our prayers will follow our leader.

*These little hands, feet and paws are out giving JOY to the neighborhood this morning!  

I have been given much to love!! :)

Gratitude comes to us in all forms and it is the most encouraging thing to name them!  


  1. What a gorgeous place for babies to play!

  2. Amen Julene! Thanks for that encouragement.

  3. One lady walked past us and told me they looked like little fairies bringing joy to all they see! :) Makes mama happy to hear her kiddos bring others joy!