Sunday, December 2, 2012

Red-headed Woodpecker

Today when I opened the front door to go outside I heard a shrilling sound that was unusual. It was not a common sound around our home. I called out to the noise in my "animal talking voice" and heard the shrill again.  I walked out a bit further and looked in the direction of the shrill. There on our large maple tree was a small red-headed woodpecker. They are rare and I don't believe I have seen one before this.  The bird seemed friendly, so I dashed back in the house to grab my camera.  I got three quick photos of the little bird and he disappeared behind the tree. 
The shrill I heard was not one of distress but one that said, "Hey, I'm over here!" 
From what I can gather..... a woodpecker of this sort likes to live among oak trees, and that life source is growing scarce due to development.  I will say that there are lots of oak trees in Oregon, and they don't commonly grow where there is development going on.  And, if the oaks are hard to locate there is no shortage of maple trees.  I've seen other varieties of woodpeckers at our tree because it is teaming with insects, and provides ample eating area.
We are told to watch out for the starlings.  Starlings are aggressive and will chase the woodpeckers out of a tree. This happens after the woodpecker has done all the prep work to prepare the tree for eating!
As you can see this is not a large bird, but he has a large singing voice otherwise he would have gone unnoticed.  I am blessed to have seen and interacted with this little creature. 

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  1. What fun. I'm always excited to see an uncommon bird!