Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our little ones

This last weekend, with two days off from work, we drove to Bellingham, Wa. to spend a couple of days with part of our family. Our oldest granddaughter, LilliAnne, celebrated her seventh birthday and we had a special time being there to do just that!  Our littlest family members are twins and they add a great deal to the mix!                                           
At twenty months old and seven years old there is a sweet connection between the twins and their sister.  A gift of Lego's interested each of them and little sister, Talitha, had the good sense to watch with intrigue while her big sister created a tiny table. She then picked up a few pieces of Lego's and began her own building. 
A gift of crafting supplies stirred up a long sessions of creating!  There were so many fun and interesting things to explore in that box!  LA set out to "make" and the twins were mesmerized by handling each treasure. With our grandparent eyes (and hearts) we watched while they all played together.  This home has an atmosphere of freedom to create and explore!  It is a fun thing for them and I doubt if they will ever be bored! 
Our daughter likes to shop at consignment shops and once in a while she strikes it rich!  What little boy doesn't want a car garage? Wesley's interest in "zooming" cars down a ramp is endless! 

Puzzles make fun musical instruments and are just the right size for clanging together!

Our weekend went by quickly and now we are home thinking back over the time with our little ones.  The pictures tell us the story over and over.  We have great riches in our little ones! 

Happy Birthday, LilliAnne!! 

I am having a bit of trouble with posting due to technical difficulties.  It may be the same old thing.  The computer is dragging on and telling me it is tired and ready to retire!  We'll see how much longer we can make it keep on going!  The thought of setting up a new computer...etc. etc. is a hurdle! :) 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Life giving and I listen.

 Our weather is brrrrr cold today, but the sunshine is out.  This big guy was sitting on a Hawthorne tree, out in front of our place, when I drove down the driveway this morning.  He has had a big breakfast from our pasture and is now soaking up the warmth that pours from the sky.  It is one of those days that come rarely in our Northwest winters and we see hope ahead for more days just like this!  
A while back many bloggers were posting their resolutions, or special word for the year.  I've chosen to go with a word and it is "listen."  With a keen ear I listen for guidance from God for a year well lived.  This is life giving!  Life has changed, transformed and is evolving. We are adapting with thankfulness for each turn in the road!   

Saturday, January 5, 2013

It is a Happy New Year!

The New Year opens up another opportunity to share the wonders that come to us each day, and on the first day of January we had a visitor that has decided to stay!  Our little hummingbird is not a migratory bird. This species does stay in the Pacific Northwest to weather the winter.  He is referred to as "resident" hummingbird!  In the past several days, with the feeder full of nectar, we have seen three separate hummingbirds visit for a sip of sweetness!  
Look closely at the top bird, see his tiny white tongue extended, and about to dip into the feeder. 
This particular little bird allowed me to capture his movements for several minutes.  He didn't fly off when I opened the front door, went back inside to get the camera, and returned to start snapping numerous photos. 

In the months ahead we will see the return of "the birds."  Our first year in the new house has given us a glimpse of the bird population, and this time we will be prepared to lure them back in droves.  Our local farm store has all the supplies and feeders we will need to help with that endeavor!
An extra thrill will be taking the photos from my new G15 Cannon Power Shot camera!  Those of us who blog, and share our photography, understand when we say that digital photography has changed our lives.  It is easy to be a photographer and take all the photos we want.
It is a Happy New Year!