Thursday, January 17, 2013

Life giving and I listen.

 Our weather is brrrrr cold today, but the sunshine is out.  This big guy was sitting on a Hawthorne tree, out in front of our place, when I drove down the driveway this morning.  He has had a big breakfast from our pasture and is now soaking up the warmth that pours from the sky.  It is one of those days that come rarely in our Northwest winters and we see hope ahead for more days just like this!  
A while back many bloggers were posting their resolutions, or special word for the year.  I've chosen to go with a word and it is "listen."  With a keen ear I listen for guidance from God for a year well lived.  This is life giving!  Life has changed, transformed and is evolving. We are adapting with thankfulness for each turn in the road!   


  1. Beautiful shot of the bird. That's a good word for the new year and everyday! Blessings...

  2. Listen... what a great word to focus on--a real good one for paying attention and tuning in. :o) And I love this--"This is life giving!" LOVE this sweet feathered friend. So much to enjoy here today--Thank you, Julene ((HUGS))

  3. Julene~ it was so good to hear from you!!! So glad to see you blogging again...
    I love this picture~ looks like he is eyeing those big juicy berries!! :)
    "Listen" is a wonderful word.... and can be applied to our lives in so many good ways.
    Hope you'll stop by my blog again when you can!

  4. "Listen" is a perfect word for your year. This week I have listened to the birds chirping, the wind blowing and children laughing.
    That's an amazing shot of the bird!