Saturday, February 16, 2013

Some things have been happening outside and inside!

 It looks like Spring is on its way! 

Galanthus or more commonly known as "Snow Drops" are cropping up along with the Cyclamen in our flower beds and walk-ways.   Finding these on a dreary day does give a person hope for what is coming!!
This time last year our new place was undergoing some radical updating, outside and inside.  Many of the flower beds were trampled and weren't as happy as they are this year!  We are thrilled to be here and now able to see the season bring forth the flowers that were planted over a period of 43 years by the previous owners.  It is very apparent there was a great love of flowers! 

At Christmas I received the gift of an Amaryllis bulb.  I planted it early in January and have watched it grow right before my eyes.  It is now in full bloom and makes the inside of the house seem cheerier!  I've grown these in years past and never lose the wonder of such a magnificent display!  It takes a little over a month from bulb to flower and there are two blooming's.  First the largest head breaks open, blooms about a week and then the smaller second bloom comes on.  I am told that the bulb will hold over for years to come, if I keep it in a cool dark place until next January, when the process will begin all over again.  :)

Yes, the earth does laugh in flowers outside and inside!