Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Spring!

For a recent baby shower I was in charge of the flowers, and it came together easily when a nature theme was chosen.  This particular party was held at a lovely home belonging to a good friend.  It is the kind of home that finds many celebrations happening inside and out throughout the year. 

Embellishments added to a decadent chocolate cake came from variegated ivy,
 and verbena bush in the garden. 
During this time of year all a person needs to do is step outside, if you have a garden setting,
and look for what is budding or blooming! This Forsythia was free for the clipping and graced the coffee table beautifully!


A simple planter began by using a container found at Goodwill.  It was not meant for planting, but I often look beyond the intended use and adapt.  A quick stop at a local nursery to buy pansies, scotch moss, succulents and daffodils were all this design needed to transform it into a beautiful indoor/outdoor small garden!  

 O, FOR JOY!  This design started out with another Goodwill purchase of a large shallow glass bowl.  I made a wreath from birch branches and placed that around the circumference to form a bird nest aperture.  A large clump of fresh green moss was added to the middle of the bowl, and I began filling in the edges with budding maple tree branches and lilac limbs.  A few sprigs of heavenly bamboo were added, and one bunch of fresh flowers made the arrangement come alive!  The combination of moss and twigs keep the flowers in place and all that is needed to keep the flowers fresh is water.  The nest arrangement measures more than 22 inches across.

The little blue eggs symbolise twins that are to be born soon and the reason for the party! 

The freedom to create like this is what keeps me returning to the outdoors for inspiration!  
Happy Spring!   

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Small Gifts

Small gifts are often the best! 

A bottle was placed in my husband's hand last week by our niece, Heidi.
Inside was something that charmed him greatly!

She found a tiny deer, put it in a jar with moss, and created a small terrarium.  When the lid is in place it rains inside the bottle.  The rain keeps the moss and plant growing. 
What a dear gift!  :)

On another recent occasion, we came home to find a branch of Daphne Odora on our doorstep.   A friend had left it as a gift. 
Of all the flowers in the world....this one is IT for me!! The smell transports me back to childhood and a very sweet time!

Daphne Odora is in bloom right now.  Go find one and see what glory smells like!  It is very distinct and heavenly. Yes, small gifts are often the best!