Saturday, April 20, 2013

A day at Bishop's Close

I have posted about Bishop's Close before, but not during the season of Spring.  It is an easy place to visit and rarely are there more than two cars in the parking lot.  I don't find many people in my circle of friends who even know about it.  I suppose if you are Episcopalian then it would be familiar, since it is the location of the Episcopal Diocese of Portland.  I have shared this Portland treasure with many good friends, and they often return time and again. 

The ten acre garden appears to have the finest of care from all perspectives.  Those of us who garden know what it takes to keep up a garden, and this garden is no exception to what consistent care provides. 
View along the back of Bishop's Close and near the river front.
Another view of the mansion and a lovely blooming Magnolia tree.  The garden is known for the many varities of Magnolia's that range in size and color.

The property has numerous paths that lead to groomed and natural gardens.

In a part of the garden that grows wild flowers, I found several Oregon Fawn Lilies.  They are one of my favorite wild flowers, and not found easily.
Lily of the Valley is planted in a groomed patch along a path in the back of the gardens. 

Here is a view of the Willamette River which flows through the city of Portland and continues up the valley for miles.
Trilliums grow abundantly!
Oregon Grape in full bloom and Oregon's state flower. It is beautiful this time of year! 

All of these photos were taken with my phone camera, and after looking at the lens with dust covering it, they aren't so bad.  :)

We are enjoying an overnight visit with our 2 1/2 year old grandson!  What is in your weekend?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Photo shoot with Bart!

Bartholomew is a part of our everyday and important to us. Very early on he let us know that being outside was his choice, and so it goes.  When he is outside he does not stray far from the safety of the garage, or from where we are.
 Bart likes to lay in the sun when it's not too hot.
I put together a small terracotta planter with spring flowers, and Bart is checking it out.  Here is the opportunity to have a bit of a photo shoot with him as the focus!  Let's get started!

Bart says, "I don't really want to do this!"
"I'll pretend to be looking out yonder and maybe the photo shoot will will stop."

"Ok, I'll do this one perfect pose."

"I'm done, so take this!"

What's a mother to do? 
Do you have a special pet that brings you smiles?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The visit............

Early last week I boarded Amtrak and headed for Bellingham to see the grandkids.  The trip took 6 1/2 hours and I arrived rested and ready for five days of concentrated time with these special bundles!  They had my bed ready for me in LilliAnne's bedroom, and on the bottom bunk! It was fun sharing the space with her!  The twins, Talitha and Wesley, slept snugly in their bedroom right next to us. 
One morning while LilliAnne was in school, Laura and I took the twins to a park, where they played on the slides, swings and other big equipment! 
We read books, and as you can see in the bottom picture, books are a high point of the day for the trio!  We also did a little dressing dinosaur capes!  It is taken very seriously!

I'm am grateful for our kids, grandkids, and thankful for time to spend with them! 
My trip home was easy and again on Amtrak!  I kind of like not being the driver of a car on the busy freeway, with trucks and cars speeding to places least this time.