Thursday, April 4, 2013

The visit............

Early last week I boarded Amtrak and headed for Bellingham to see the grandkids.  The trip took 6 1/2 hours and I arrived rested and ready for five days of concentrated time with these special bundles!  They had my bed ready for me in LilliAnne's bedroom, and on the bottom bunk! It was fun sharing the space with her!  The twins, Talitha and Wesley, slept snugly in their bedroom right next to us. 
One morning while LilliAnne was in school, Laura and I took the twins to a park, where they played on the slides, swings and other big equipment! 
We read books, and as you can see in the bottom picture, books are a high point of the day for the trio!  We also did a little dressing dinosaur capes!  It is taken very seriously!

I'm am grateful for our kids, grandkids, and thankful for time to spend with them! 
My trip home was easy and again on Amtrak!  I kind of like not being the driver of a car on the busy freeway, with trucks and cars speeding to places least this time. 


  1. What a fun time!
    I will be going the opposite direction next weekend :)

  2. Looks like a great visit! A dear friend of ours is in charge of the children's section of the Blaine Library if they ever get up that way for library events. Our friend Cindy Leffel really puts on some nice programs for kids there...

  3. Oh, my goodness...too, TOO CUTE they are! :o) Hope you feel better soon, Julene. I read J. Karon's Mitford Years series some time back--such charming stories! I should revisit those sometime. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  4. Hello and thanks for visiting and commenting. What a blessing our grand children are. looks from the photo that you had a great time. How blessed I am to only have to drive 50 minutes (mind you on the London orbital, the busiest road in the country)