Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The yard is in bloom!

  I have counted  fifteen Lilac bushes in the yard.  They need to be trimmed back so they can continue to grow strong, but we won't tackle that job until they are through showing off. 
The air is thick with lilac scent, and we have enjoyed numerous large bouquets. 
Lean in and smell!

Last May we purchased several Hydrangea plants at a local growers.  This is a flower that captures our attention year after year.  They need to planted in an area with indirect sun and plenty of water to keep them flourishing throughout the summer.

Our yard came with oodles of Bearded Iris.  They are magnificent and have bloomed well on the morning side of the house.  Sometimes the bulbs become too shallow in the ground and won't bloom.  We have removed the bulbs that have done this.  In another year the bulbs will multiply again, and we'll be back to more blooming stems. 

Blue Salvia is a perennial plant that dies's back in the winter, but about March it begins growing again.  Now we have an enormous display of blue spiked flowers.  It sets any garden area off with interest, and...... all time favorite, (a must have) is Hot Lips Salvia!  It starts out as a small plant but in no time becomes large, and airy.  It attracts hummingbirds!  We have watched the tiny birds move from bloom to bloom for the longest time.  This is one plant I search for until I find it to plant year after year.  It is a perennial, but depending on the winter we have it does not always live through the coldest days. 

And, sweet Nasturtium finds a spot in my flower garden most years.  The seeds from last years plants sprouted and we are enjoying the outcome from them!  This is not something that always happens, again, due to our mild winter we are lucky! 

In the past month we have planted five blueberry plants and five raspberry plants.  They began putting on berries.  One night, never to be seen or heard, deer came and helped themselves!  I'm recovering from the shock!  They also wiped out three rose bushes!  This last week while driving down the driveway a raccoon came loping across our lawn, and I wonder what he had in his scope?  I shooooood him off, but he'll be back.  In the meantime we have taken precautions, and hopefully no animal will be munching on our berries or garden again.  The farm store had something in the form of a spike that smells bad to these animals.  It won't hurt them or hurt the produce.  We'll see if there are any more garden thieves!  :)  Hmmmm...a bunny was seen, too!  He was headed for the neighbors, so I let him hop off!  I don't know what to do about bunnies?  Plant more than we need? :) 

In the meantime we will enjoy our blooming yard.  There is much more to come and we simply take the beauty in with great appreciation! 


  1. You are blooming ahead of us here. Love your lilacs. Mine didn't even have one bloom this year. I'm thinking I planted it in the wrong location. I am excited that my peony has 5 buds this year! Woohoo. You and Willow are having issues with deer! We have a wild bunny and squirrels. No problem with deer here.

  2. Read Rabbit Hill--a book from the perspecitve of the bunnies on a farm. They think you should just plant extra. The trouble with deer is 'extra' means everything for them.

    Your flowers are wonderful! What a beautiful place you chose to live!

  3. Lilacs are the flowers that upon seeing & smelling them I am transported back in time to special times . Scent sure does bring back memories, doesn't it? And flowers are such a big part of special times in our lives. Wedding, funerals, parties, hospitalization...

  4. Thanks for the Hot Lips Salvia tip, Julene. Bought three plants at Fred Meyer today. Can't wait to watch the hummingbirds...

  5. LOVE lilac time! Ours will be in bloom soon... :o) Lovely to catch up with you here, Julene. We're just back from some travels. Happy Days ((HUGS))


    Julene, Above is the address to my new blog. You are an inspiration to me.