Monday, June 24, 2013

Silver Lining

These breathtaking sunset pictures were taken from the North bound Amtrak train when approaching Bellingham, Washington a week ago.  It was nearing 9 pm, and for a few minutes the sky revealed a silver lining that poets have written about for centuries.  The passengers in the coach I was riding united in exclaiming the sky's beauty!  It was a moment to catch and we did! 

A silver lining in the sky brings a message that tomorrow will be brighter and lit with hope! 


  1. Beautiful! I'm glad you captured it. I was just wondering about you and I saw a new post in my reader! :)

  2. DAZZLING SKY... it looks like peach nectar...deliciously beautiful! SO glad you shared this with us, Julene--thank you. :o) Happy Summer Days ((HUGS))