Sunday, August 25, 2013

Living proof!

Our little granddaughter loves Bart and here is the living proof he is a very patient kitty!  She (and he) melt our hearts! 

 He is trying to politely get away.
 Talitha will have none of that, yet!

 Bart is wondering how to get out of the choke hold gracefully. 

Here is the end of patience.  Bart quickly jumped out of arms way and without any harm done. :)
Another kind of living proof is what a NEW computer can do. All of these pictures uploaded at the same time!  I just finished hooking up the cables, installing the programs, and taking a quick look at Windows 8.  I'm in trouble.  There are so many changes and it will take time to become familiar with it.  There are no short cuts to learning except to plug away and figure it out.  My photo program is going to be a challenge.  The old one was easy and the new one doesn't look user friendly.  It will come in time!
It only took me three hours to complete the set-up.  I opted not to load our files from the old computer but kept the important things on an external hard drive. I have a suspicion that many of the documents would not have opened in Windows 8 anyway.  It is refreshing to start all over with a new computer and with a clean slate. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

What's this?

A new computer.  The order was placed this week and each component arrived via FedX in two days.  Now I have the job of hooking up everything and making it work!  I was very careful to get a system that integrates well and will not be a pain to work with. Is that possible?
These speakers are quite a bit larger than our old ones and they should deliver a bigger sound. The box says there is a sub-woofer, so it must be good?  They look easy to hook up. Right?
I wanted a printer that will print photos well.  This Canon will fit the need.

In a few days we will be up and running.  This is one of those jobs that requires time, as most of us know. I am waiting for a day that is free of appointments, etc. to accomplish the task. I anticipate a few of those long phone calls with someone who knows a lot more than I do about computers.  The positive outcome about these phone calls is learning a great deal....and I take notes! With a little bit of luck it will come together without too much stress, and we'll have the latest greatest technology....for about a month.  :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Country wedding with a Sunflower theme!

Nothing speaks of summer more than a mass of sunflowers and that is exactly what this last weekends wedding presented. Twenty-two galvanized buckets were stuffed with every kind of sunflower, picked and grown by the brides family.
Many friends gathered to do the work of arranging and experience a bit of old fashioned fun!  This is just the kind of activity that brings friends and family close! Sweet times! 
In my experience every wedding I put together is "the favorite!"
This time the bride chose bright vivid colors for her bouquet and we flew with it! I chose to use Circus Roses, Orange spray roses, Gold-strike yellow roses, Red Hypericum berry, Black eyed Susan, and Green Mini Hydrangeas. Around the circumference of the brides bouquet I used Rose scented geranium, picked right from my flower garden.  It doesn't get much better for this flower lover! 
The wedding setting was at a magnificent farm in our community. It is not a commercial business site but a family farm that gives back to those who are fortunate to experience it!
Black and white tablecloths set the tone for a lovely country wedding that won't be soon forgotten! 
On another note.......
I am so happy to discover that by changing my browser to Mozilla Firefox I am back to being able to post freely and write again.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Our son has his birthday!

Happy Birthday, Derin!
Thirty-two years today!

Happy, Happy Birthday!
Hi Kennady Sunday!