Saturday, September 7, 2013

Vitamin D needed!

Change is upon us.  I've come to embrace change but not always easily.  Over a period of several months my body has been slowing down and several times I've found myself saying, "Why am I so tired?"  It feels like a weary tired and rest does not relieve the "feeling." After a much needed yearly physical (I kept putting off) it was revealed that my Vitamin D levels are very low. Needless to say it is the culprit to my weariness.  I'm now taking 6000IU of the vitamin and in no time I should be feeling much better. 
I hope that this find of mine will be of help to someone else who is feeling weary and tired.  It may be as simple as taking a supplement.  It also helps to sit in the sunshine. :)
Fall is coming!  One lone leaf on our maple tree gave us the notice.
The zinnia's in our garden were not looking very good this last week and before pulling them out I took a few photo's.  Zinnia's are a grand flower, perfect in arrangements and pretty to look at.  We grew "State Fair" which are tall and have large blossom's. 

The zinnia below grew a crown, somewhat like a flower within a flower.

Nasturtium's are a mainstay in my garden.  I like how they grow a bit wild and produce a peppery tasting flower, pretty in salads. 

The marigold is another constant in the garden.  They grow easily and drop seeds for next years enjoyment.
Have a good week and enjoy your days. 
I will be doing just that along with you! 


  1. I am so bad at remembering to take my vitamin D! Oye. I do hope you feel better soon. I hear you had some company. I'm sure you enjoyed your time!

  2. Certain zinnias are sorta still blooming here. Yes, they survived a long ride in a plastic water bottle!
    Take that Vitamin D in any form you can get it--especially sunshine.

  3. Julene, a gorgeous bright red zinnia appeared in my garden this year. Must have spread from last year's flowers. I was so pleasantly surprised..I love surprises, don't you?

    Will check into vitamin D for myself. Such good information for us all.

  4. LOVE the zinnas and floral show here, Julene! It's Vitamin D-intake here too! We need it to get through the winter ahead! ;o) The summer seemed to end abruptly here the past weekend--temps dropped way down, and the rains have begun...LOL! Be taking good care there, Julene. ((HUGS)) P.S. I'm needing to take an extended digital sabbatical due to health reasons. But I hope to be around when I can. :o)