Friday, March 27, 2015

Just for fun!

Way back in 1949 a little Christian School opened it's doors in the West Hills of Portland, Oregon.  Today it continues, and many of our family members have attended over the years.  Recently I went to the web site of West Hills Christian School, opened the History page, and found this picture.
It's a bit blurry but not difficult for me or my husband to pick out those we know, and have a good laugh!
Front row, bottom from the right is Danny Lockwood, former President of Multnomah University, Portland, Oregon.
Next to him is my brother Reed, and next to Reed is Dan Whitcher, my husband's cousin.
Second row, second boy on the right is my husband, Jim. Top row, far left is Jim's cousin Jane.
Top row, smack dab in the middle is another of Jim's cousins, Chuck.  My brother and Chuck used to have punching fights quite a bit at this little Christian School!  Everyone else in the picture is memorable, too! 
Don't you just love the style of hair and clothes?  This picture was taken in the Spring of 1958. I remember that t-shirt my brother has on.  It was brown and orange striped and probably not in the dress code for the school! I think the boys were suppose to wear collared shirts and no blue jeans.  The girls had to wear dresses and that continued until 1970. 
If you're at all interested in the school you can take a look here:  West Hills Christian School.
Another "Just For Fun" moment from this week!
Bart found a ladle I had hung on the bird bath. It was full of rain water, and just exactly right for him to drink from. The bird bath is seated on the top of the septic tank, and the area is still "under construction!" The ladle was to water some small pansy's that were planted.  It tickles me when moments like this appear and I have my camera handy!  How about you?
"That was a good drink," said Bart.
I'm thankful for the history of years gone by, and for the little things put in my scope of day to day living! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

"The Earth Laughs in Flowers"

Yellow is a very inviting color and it really pops in our part of the country when the grass, trees and weeds are springing into season.  This year almost everything planted is coming into bloom ahead of schedule.  We are not complaining because we have had many, many beautiful days full of warm sunshine and blue lofty skies. This past week brought back the rain, more than average, to make up for what we haven't gotten since the beginning of the new year. 
I am sharing what is in bloom in our garden and it just so happens that much of it is yellow.

 Yellow Viola
This is a beautiful early bloomer that spreads quickly as a ground cover.  It is said that other early spring flowers can't survive planted with it.  What we have found is that it quickly vanishes after blooming, and ours are in an area we choose not to plant other things in. 

There's never a shortage of these! 
 Our goat, Professor had to get in the photo shoot! 
 He loves me!
 The Forsythia is a bit sparse this year.  We gave it a good cutting and it will fill in over the Summer. Little birds like to nest in this group of Forsythia. 
 Darling Daffodils! And, do you see that gopher mound just next to the top daffodil? Not good!

I like to create potted vignette's around our place.  This is what survived the winter and greets us as we enter our home.  
Ralph Waldo Emerson said: The Earth Laughs in Flowers
I agree and am grateful for the laughter!
Happy Spring!!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Septic mishap

For the sake of record I am posting about our septic mishap, malfunction, replacement and rebuild. 
It all started on December 28th, 2014.  Christmas had come, gone and our family were literally driving down the driveway.  Much to our amazement the lid to the septic tank, ( covered with mulch and plants) was leaking.  The tank is more than three feet down, and earlier we had put a riser on the lid so we would have easy access to pumping.  The leaking was coming from the riser lid.  The septic tank was 45 years old, and we kind of expected it to fail...just not during the holidays.  :)  That's how life works, right?  Wrong. 
We quickly called the septic guys and they rushed right over. Our tank had cracked and was no longer draining properly. It is safe to say, "ick!" Three weeks later........we had a new tank, transfer box and all was well.  The old transfer box was engulfed by the 45 year old maple tree and that's why that was replaced.  Advice:  Don't put a transfer box near a new tree that has amazing growth potential!  Seriously! 

Transfer case: There were some large roots cut at the base of the maple tree.  We HOPE and PRAY the tree can withstand the root cutting!

The boulders drug out of the ground, near the septic tank, were huge. Taking them out did make putting the new tank in easier and we have some nice large boulders for Bart to sit on. 

Before this work was done there was landscaping and now there isn't.  Before long we will have the landscaping back in place, and I'll be back to show the finished work.  This was not a small task to complete, but we tend to get right at it, then relate to the reality of what happened.  It's easier that way to live through the mess and realize it won't have to be done again for the next 45 years! 
There is much to be grateful for, and flushing a toilet, washing clothes, doing dishes fill up a large part of my gratitude today! 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Mission Adventure Begins!

Our daughter and family are the ones going on the mission adventure. They are Laura Jane, Matt, LilliAnne, Talitha and Wesley!

Where are they going, starting in May?
Our kids will be packing up their belongings in Bellingham, and heading to Vancouver Island, B.C. to live at Esperanza Mission.  Their lives will changes from being in a large town, to small Island life with no town, but there will be community.  The Mission is home to four other families, and they serve The First Nation, and those wanting to take a respite away from it all!  Fishermen are often on the guest list, as well.  They welcome guests! 

Over time I will share pictures and their lifestyle but not until I take the trek north on I5 from Vancouver BC, catch a ferry to Vancouver Island, drive for hours towards the West coast of Vancouver Island, and ride a boat into Nootka Bay, finally arriving at Esperanza Mission.  It is about a twelve hour trip from Bellingham, Washington.  I'm going up to Esperanza the end of May with Cornwall Church in Bellingham. 
That's enough information for now.  Enjoy these pictures! 

This troop is ready for Island life, clad in rubber boots, and fleece.  They have spent a great deal of time in nature, on the water, and in San Juan Island area.  Most importantly, their hearts are to serve others as God has lead them.
The Adventure Begins!!