Friday, March 13, 2015

Septic mishap

For the sake of record I am posting about our septic mishap, malfunction, replacement and rebuild. 
It all started on December 28th, 2014.  Christmas had come, gone and our family were literally driving down the driveway.  Much to our amazement the lid to the septic tank, ( covered with mulch and plants) was leaking.  The tank is more than three feet down, and earlier we had put a riser on the lid so we would have easy access to pumping.  The leaking was coming from the riser lid.  The septic tank was 45 years old, and we kind of expected it to fail...just not during the holidays.  :)  That's how life works, right?  Wrong. 
We quickly called the septic guys and they rushed right over. Our tank had cracked and was no longer draining properly. It is safe to say, "ick!" Three weeks later........we had a new tank, transfer box and all was well.  The old transfer box was engulfed by the 45 year old maple tree and that's why that was replaced.  Advice:  Don't put a transfer box near a new tree that has amazing growth potential!  Seriously! 

Transfer case: There were some large roots cut at the base of the maple tree.  We HOPE and PRAY the tree can withstand the root cutting!

The boulders drug out of the ground, near the septic tank, were huge. Taking them out did make putting the new tank in easier and we have some nice large boulders for Bart to sit on. 

Before this work was done there was landscaping and now there isn't.  Before long we will have the landscaping back in place, and I'll be back to show the finished work.  This was not a small task to complete, but we tend to get right at it, then relate to the reality of what happened.  It's easier that way to live through the mess and realize it won't have to be done again for the next 45 years! 
There is much to be grateful for, and flushing a toilet, washing clothes, doing dishes fill up a large part of my gratitude today! 


  1. It's "good" to see the photos of what you and Jim have been telling me. SO glad it's all done. Now I can come visit again.

  2. Well...I'm glad that project is behind you. Oye and Ugh! It is nice to know things should work well for many years! Those boulders are huge!

  3. Wow, Julene, I had no idea...So glad you got it under control. And thanks for the good advice. We have an old septic tank in our yard, from the time before plumbing was put in. Hope nothing happens.

  4. Oh my, what a job. One of those necessities that cannot be put off for anything. We had septic repairs to be done when we first bought our place, but at least the tank was intact! Our problem turn out to be no drain line from the tank. How could anyone not notice that! I suppose because it was a dark, dank overgrown area that no one ventured near.

    1. Yes, it was a job! We suspect that the large boulders were up against the tank too tightly and over time any movement caused the crack. A cracked tank is not so common. Our house was empty for three years before we bought it and the test that was run on the septic wouldn't have shown the crack and leaking quickly enough. O well, this is what happens with an older place, right? :) And, you had no drain did that get past the county inspection? Those inspections are only as good as the person inspecting. PS....your new babies are adorable! I'll be over to see how the little one is doing!