Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Mission Adventure Begins!

Our daughter and family are the ones going on the mission adventure. They are Laura Jane, Matt, LilliAnne, Talitha and Wesley!

Where are they going, starting in May?
Our kids will be packing up their belongings in Bellingham, and heading to Vancouver Island, B.C. to live at Esperanza Mission.  Their lives will changes from being in a large town, to small Island life with no town, but there will be community.  The Mission is home to four other families, and they serve The First Nation, and those wanting to take a respite away from it all!  Fishermen are often on the guest list, as well.  They welcome guests! 

Over time I will share pictures and their lifestyle but not until I take the trek north on I5 from Vancouver BC, catch a ferry to Vancouver Island, drive for hours towards the West coast of Vancouver Island, and ride a boat into Nootka Bay, finally arriving at Esperanza Mission.  It is about a twelve hour trip from Bellingham, Washington.  I'm going up to Esperanza the end of May with Cornwall Church in Bellingham. 
That's enough information for now.  Enjoy these pictures! 

This troop is ready for Island life, clad in rubber boots, and fleece.  They have spent a great deal of time in nature, on the water, and in San Juan Island area.  Most importantly, their hearts are to serve others as God has lead them.
The Adventure Begins!! 


  1. May God bless them dearly in this new adventure.

  2. I am so excited for them! Brings back memories, for sure.