Friday, April 24, 2015

Trillium Caskets A Simple Grace

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I want to share with you what my nephew, Bruce Petersen, has created and is selling.

Yes, he has designed and produced these beautiful, simple caskets. The workmanship is superb and only the highest grade of supplies are used.  They are shipped, ready to assemble, with instructions that are very clear.  The hard work has been done and assembly is easy.  We have ours stored in their solid boxes, and when they are needed close family will help in putting them together.  When ordering a casket you are directed to choose a symbol of a cross, if you like, and there are many to choose from.

I'll let the web site speak for itself and give you the link.  Take a few moments to follow the additional links added on the web site.  They provide information that may be helpful. 

Here is the link to assembly:  Bruce is the narrator.

This is not meant to be morbid but to allow others to make a choice of how the end of life will be carried out, and to their wishes. 

It's important to me to be prepared and make these things easy for loved ones, when things aren't easy.  Over many years, when family members have passed away, it has been a stress to choose a casket, and now it needn't be that way.

Feel free to contact Bruce or Heidi if you have questions.  Their phone number and email address are on the web site.  And, one more thing....the caskets are very affordable!  That's a very good thing!!
The above photo was taken in our woods, on the farm we loved. 

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  1. What a good idea this is. They look simple and nice!