Monday, May 18, 2015

New horse and taking a couple weeks away!

A new horse has come to graze in the pasture on the other side of our fence. He caught my attention with his two dark ears and piercing look.  He isn't much to look at but there is personality all the way from his ears to his legs.  He kicks around, notices the birds flying over head and will keep us entertained until the grass is gone!

I will be away for the next two weeks.  I am headed up to Esperanza on the West Coast of Vancouver Island to visit our family.  The kids moved there two weeks ago and you can see here what they are doing.  It is a remote area, only reachable by boat, and after driving a 200 mile gravel road.  I'll be travelling with a missions team from Cornwall Church in Bellingham. The trip from Bellingham takes 13 hours. One leg of the ride is on a ferry boat from the mainland to Vancouver Island.  I won't be a part of the team but instead going to play with the kids and see what Esperanza is all about.  It will be my own adventure and a sweet, sweet time with loved ones.  The missions team is going to put on a Women's Retreat for the local gals who live in and around Nootka Sound.  They say there will be about 80 women attending.  It will be a rich time and I'll have stories to bring back home.

See you soon! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

In a day....

....there is the joy of having our four year old grandson with us!  He says things like, "Come on Grandpa, lets go find a crawdad!"  And, they do just that. We have a small creek adjacent to our place and it's just the sort of creek that a little boy likes to tramp around in. 

 Our grandson takes off down the driveway while we meander behind.  We like seeing him learn, grow and do the things that little boys like to do in outdoor open spaces.  I might add that all of our grandchildren have the same experiences at our place and the girls like it just as much. 
 Kennady and I walked around the house and found this fully blooming Peony!  This is our third spring in the new place and we have not seen it bloom so robustly before. 
 There is also a patch of these daisy's.  They only bloom in the spring and then are gone. 
  We come upon the Rhododendron.  It is a 45 year old plant and huge.

Professor always comes to the camera and I can't resist!
We have not weeded our rock area but it looks pretty good anyway!  The sticks in the foreground are a maple tree that came from seed.  We haven't the heart to take it out.  It will become large so that must be considered. 
In April I planted these strawberries and they were mostly root at the time.  We didn't lose one and it looks like we'll have some fruit this year!

Our grapes are loaded, finally, after three years of growing!  There will be a grape party in late September or early October at our house!  This is reason to celebrate! 
 Our blueberries are doing very well, too.  They are easy keepers and require very little tending. 
 Do you see that little ground squirrel in the center of the picture?  He makes more mess than three gophers!  His lifespan may be limited if he manages to get caught!  This kind of squirrel makes holes in the ground, lives in the ground and tunnels all over the lawn.  Not a good thing!
  We, like many of you, have difficult things in our lives. We take each day as it comes and are grateful for the simple things, like playing with our grandkids, spending time with the goats, cat and chickens.  Growing a garden and watching fruit come on is a seasonal delight!
What kinds of simple things do you enjoy? 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Bird week!

Bluebirds are not unheard of in the Willamette Valley of  Oregon but they are rare. This pair showed
up yesterday while I was standing at the kitchen sink. The first to fly in was the female and then the male. The male let the female bathe and then he took a turn. 
We have taken measures to attract Bluebirds but this is the first time we have ever had them show up!

Watching the sequence of events was quite thrilling! We have a bluebird house on our driveway and have high hopes this pair claims it before the Starlings do!

Another fascinating bird came to the suet holder.  He is a Flicker, a type of Woodpecker. 
 While the Flicker was chowing down a hummingbird joined the feeding time.  They are quite the contrast between small and large birds!
 And...look who else came visiting!  A female Blue Jay!  They are a large bird!

This little yellow bird showed up late in the day.  I don't know exactly what it is and its mate didn't make an appearance.  Could it be a Warbler? 
We are aware of the beauty that surrounds us and are grateful!   
No matter where any of us live there is plenty of beauty to notice, and much comes in our own front yards.  This week was certainly busy with birds in Beavercreek, Oregon!