Sunday, January 31, 2016

Eternal Spring/Ovid

"The cheerful birds their airy carols sing, And the whole year is one eternal spring. " Ovid
I am not trained birder person, but I do enjoy watching the birds come to our feeding area.  I like to learn about the birds as they appear before us.
Today, while reading my new March issue of Birds & Blooms magazine, I heard a ruckus outside. 
A very healthy Flicker had shooed away the smaller birds and took over the suet hanger just outside our front door.  While I scurried to get something to take a photo know,  phone, iPad or camera, it mostly devoured the remnants of the cake.  When lifting the blinds to catch a better look, Big Flicker flew off. 

 Look at that beak!

Before I knew it another type of woodpecker came to scrape the leavings.  It looks to be a Hairy woodpecker.  Both of these woodpecker types make quite a noise when they want to.

 These photos are a bit blurred due to my dirty windows but I could see the red on the Hairy Woodpeckers head in real life.
Right now.....this very minute my husband is washing the window I use for taking these pictures!
That is just another sign of the coming spring and hope for sunny days!!
I could use some "eternal spring. " How about you?
Below are a few quotes from the Wise man, Ovid.  I like what he says. :)
Happy is the man who has broken the chains which hurt the mind, and has given up worrying once and for all.
Chance is always powerful. Let your hook be always cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be a fish.
Happy are those who dare courageously to defend what they love.  Ovid 43 BC

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Maintaining a grateful heart......

....takes form in noticing the little things that resemble heaven on earth. 

This is a short photo list of the things in my week that brought me into gratitude.

The first promise of Spring showed up as a Snowbell in our gravel path!

On a trip to the grocery store I found berries!  They came from California, Chili and Mexico. I appreciate fresh fruit and if it looks good, I'm eating it!  It's in season someplace and aren't we fortunate to get to enjoy them now?  So far, every berry has been sweet and juicy! Don't miss out!

 Not many words needed here!  This is the view from our front window.  I call it "our view of heaven!"

We get to see Mt. Hood daily.  This photo was taken just up the street and it never skips our notice!

 Our sweet LilliAnne turned 10 years old on Wednesday! We were able to FaceTime with them and sing her a Happy Birthday song!  She was thrilled!  

 Our son, Derin, returned home from his two week visit to Uganda!  He stayed with his good friends, Sunday and Betty.  They have opened their hearts and home to many children.  It's humbling to hear their story and know what JOY fills their hearts.  Please feel free to look at my Facebook(Julene Trigg) page or Derin's (from my page) to see the entire two weeks in photos. Looking into the face of the children offers a glimpse into how happy these little ones are!  There is one little boy, dressed in blue and his name is "Little Derin!" See if you can find him? And, one more thing, our grandson's middle name is Sunday!  :)

 Gratitude filled up my week and keeps me going on to look for more!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Edna Rose Williams

This last week has been a time for reflecting and taking stock of what is important.  I like to think that what was, and what is to come is of great importance to how life unfolds.  Someone who was a Great Grandma, Grandma, Mother, Wife, Aunt and Friend is gone.  She was our kids Grandma and she passed away on Tuesday night at the age of 96 years. She lived a full life and has now gone to be with Jesus.  I don't hesitate a moment to say this because she was a woman of faith in God and for that I will be always grateful!  She spent a considerable amount of time praying for her family. She told me. What greater gift is there than a praying grandma?  I like to think she is still at it!  None are perfect and goodness knows someone better be praying for us!  :)
As I sit and write this post I can hear one of her great grandson's wrestling with his grandpa in the other room!  There are big noises and growling coming from behind the door. She would have been happy to hear such delightful playing.  It sure does this heart good! 
 Families come from all different scenario's, ours is not any different. We have a mix of yours, mine and ours, but it didn't matter to Edna Williams.  She loved each one. 
Looking ahead, my prayer is for a time of joyous remembrance, healing, and going forward, so that one day we will all be together again! 


Monday, January 11, 2016

New books!

Around Christmas there are usually several books added to my bookshelf.  I enjoy a new book and have acquired some varied topics to read up on.   

The cookbooks are going to be a great help in keeping and balancing our diet.  My Jim likes to eat a nice meal with meat, and that works fine if enough vegetables and fruits are added in good portion control.  The BBC news  Health Reporter, Pippa Stephens, states that a person should get seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day to maintain a healthy body.  My personal concern is for heart health.  At 65 and 69 these are the years things begin to break down and I'd like to avoid some of this by eating consistently healthy foods.  I've looked at a lot of  "diets" and the Mediterranean way of eating looks like one we can survive on.  Jim can't have shell fish so that eliminates about 1/4 of the recipes but there are plenty of others he can eat and enjoy!  I like vegetables and fruits, meat isn't a big deal either way for me but it is for Jim. My big downfall is sugar and that must change drastically, now!  I've written myself notes around the house as a reminder.  Things like NO SUGAR, DRINK WATER, TAKE VITAMINS,THINK are posted on the cupboard, over the sink etc.  I've also taken to making bags of vegetables to take to work.  This helps me avoid grabbing a chocolate bar! we go! We'll see how we fare over time.
The next three books were gifts.  They are Mother Teresa, On the Incarnation and Girlfriends.  Each one comes from a thoughtful family member or friend.  I'm sure they will be interesting for their diversity and thought provoking subjects. 
In keeping with the New Year we will be eating better...more intentionally and healthy.  I will be learning some new insights from Mother Teresa, the theology of incarnation, and friendship.  It sounds good me!  What will you be reading in the near future? 

Friday, January 1, 2016

A brand new year!

2016 is here!  Shall the year start with a new word?  Yes, I think so, and the word I choose is KEEPING!  There are several elements of keeping and Google states it this way:
the action of owning, maintaining, or protecting something.
With that said, keeping up here is my first notion of today! I'd like to do more of that!  
The past months have been lively and full of happenings that have built me up! I simply enjoy sharing these things and keeping up with those who are family, friends and others I've met along the way. 
This picture was taken on the dock at Esperanza, (Vancouver Island, British Columbia) in October of 2015.
I was doing some serious lounging while watching a seal pup pop his head above the water.
See the SEAL head right there to the right of center?  :)  It's pretty little.  The body of land across the way is Nootka Island.
  Esperanza is where my daughter and her family have moved to work with Esperanza Ministries.
And, here they are! 
We were on an outing to Zaballos, a small fishing village, when we took this picture. 
 After the picture we walked a bit further and saw this little guy!
A black bear!  Commonly seen on any given day in this very remote area of Vancouver Island.  They are not aggressive for the most part.  If there was a cub nearby we were instructed to step away....quickly. 

Over the Christmas break the kids came home and
 we spent some time playing,
 reading and eating with our entire crew!

From the left: Laura Jane, Wiggly Wesley, Matt, Jim
Second row: Me, Derin, Andra
Third row: Talitha, Kennady, and LilliAnne
There is nothing better than having my family altogether!    
 Happy New Year!
Keeping Tabs, Julene