Friday, January 1, 2016

A brand new year!

2016 is here!  Shall the year start with a new word?  Yes, I think so, and the word I choose is KEEPING!  There are several elements of keeping and Google states it this way:
the action of owning, maintaining, or protecting something.
With that said, keeping up here is my first notion of today! I'd like to do more of that!  
The past months have been lively and full of happenings that have built me up! I simply enjoy sharing these things and keeping up with those who are family, friends and others I've met along the way. 
This picture was taken on the dock at Esperanza, (Vancouver Island, British Columbia) in October of 2015.
I was doing some serious lounging while watching a seal pup pop his head above the water.
See the SEAL head right there to the right of center?  :)  It's pretty little.  The body of land across the way is Nootka Island.
  Esperanza is where my daughter and her family have moved to work with Esperanza Ministries.
And, here they are! 
We were on an outing to Zaballos, a small fishing village, when we took this picture. 
 After the picture we walked a bit further and saw this little guy!
A black bear!  Commonly seen on any given day in this very remote area of Vancouver Island.  They are not aggressive for the most part.  If there was a cub nearby we were instructed to step away....quickly. 

Over the Christmas break the kids came home and
 we spent some time playing,
 reading and eating with our entire crew!

From the left: Laura Jane, Wiggly Wesley, Matt, Jim
Second row: Me, Derin, Andra
Third row: Talitha, Kennady, and LilliAnne
There is nothing better than having my family altogether!    
 Happy New Year!
Keeping Tabs, Julene





  1. I love your word for 2016! Mine is Simple-- so we are Keeping it Simple this year :)
    Someday I would love to visit Esperanza. It's beautiful!

  2. Quite a nice crew you have there! You are blessed. I like your word for the year! Happy New Year Blessings to you...