Sunday, January 17, 2016

Edna Rose Williams

This last week has been a time for reflecting and taking stock of what is important.  I like to think that what was, and what is to come is of great importance to how life unfolds.  Someone who was a Great Grandma, Grandma, Mother, Wife, Aunt and Friend is gone.  She was our kids Grandma and she passed away on Tuesday night at the age of 96 years. She lived a full life and has now gone to be with Jesus.  I don't hesitate a moment to say this because she was a woman of faith in God and for that I will be always grateful!  She spent a considerable amount of time praying for her family. She told me. What greater gift is there than a praying grandma?  I like to think she is still at it!  None are perfect and goodness knows someone better be praying for us!  :)
As I sit and write this post I can hear one of her great grandson's wrestling with his grandpa in the other room!  There are big noises and growling coming from behind the door. She would have been happy to hear such delightful playing.  It sure does this heart good! 
 Families come from all different scenario's, ours is not any different. We have a mix of yours, mine and ours, but it didn't matter to Edna Williams.  She loved each one. 
Looking ahead, my prayer is for a time of joyous remembrance, healing, and going forward, so that one day we will all be together again! 



  1. I concur! She was all of this and more. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

  2. Sorry for your earthly loss. How nice to have had someone like her in your lives.It's wonderful to have the hope we have.

  3. I'm sorry to know about Edna, but we cling to Ps 116.15. How precious she is to God!
    May you all be comforted this week at the funeral services.