Saturday, January 23, 2016

Maintaining a grateful heart......

....takes form in noticing the little things that resemble heaven on earth. 

This is a short photo list of the things in my week that brought me into gratitude.

The first promise of Spring showed up as a Snowbell in our gravel path!

On a trip to the grocery store I found berries!  They came from California, Chili and Mexico. I appreciate fresh fruit and if it looks good, I'm eating it!  It's in season someplace and aren't we fortunate to get to enjoy them now?  So far, every berry has been sweet and juicy! Don't miss out!

 Not many words needed here!  This is the view from our front window.  I call it "our view of heaven!"

We get to see Mt. Hood daily.  This photo was taken just up the street and it never skips our notice!

 Our sweet LilliAnne turned 10 years old on Wednesday! We were able to FaceTime with them and sing her a Happy Birthday song!  She was thrilled!  

 Our son, Derin, returned home from his two week visit to Uganda!  He stayed with his good friends, Sunday and Betty.  They have opened their hearts and home to many children.  It's humbling to hear their story and know what JOY fills their hearts.  Please feel free to look at my Facebook(Julene Trigg) page or Derin's (from my page) to see the entire two weeks in photos. Looking into the face of the children offers a glimpse into how happy these little ones are!  There is one little boy, dressed in blue and his name is "Little Derin!" See if you can find him? And, one more thing, our grandson's middle name is Sunday!  :)

 Gratitude filled up my week and keeps me going on to look for more!


  1. Wonderful things to make your heart sing praises!

  2. So glad Derin made in home safely! I look forward to seeing and hearing more of his trip.
    Happy Birthday to your girl!!