Monday, January 11, 2016

New books!

Around Christmas there are usually several books added to my bookshelf.  I enjoy a new book and have acquired some varied topics to read up on.   

The cookbooks are going to be a great help in keeping and balancing our diet.  My Jim likes to eat a nice meal with meat, and that works fine if enough vegetables and fruits are added in good portion control.  The BBC news  Health Reporter, Pippa Stephens, states that a person should get seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day to maintain a healthy body.  My personal concern is for heart health.  At 65 and 69 these are the years things begin to break down and I'd like to avoid some of this by eating consistently healthy foods.  I've looked at a lot of  "diets" and the Mediterranean way of eating looks like one we can survive on.  Jim can't have shell fish so that eliminates about 1/4 of the recipes but there are plenty of others he can eat and enjoy!  I like vegetables and fruits, meat isn't a big deal either way for me but it is for Jim. My big downfall is sugar and that must change drastically, now!  I've written myself notes around the house as a reminder.  Things like NO SUGAR, DRINK WATER, TAKE VITAMINS,THINK are posted on the cupboard, over the sink etc.  I've also taken to making bags of vegetables to take to work.  This helps me avoid grabbing a chocolate bar! we go! We'll see how we fare over time.
The next three books were gifts.  They are Mother Teresa, On the Incarnation and Girlfriends.  Each one comes from a thoughtful family member or friend.  I'm sure they will be interesting for their diversity and thought provoking subjects. 
In keeping with the New Year we will be eating better...more intentionally and healthy.  I will be learning some new insights from Mother Teresa, the theology of incarnation, and friendship.  It sounds good me!  What will you be reading in the near future? 


  1. Those books sound interesting! I received a book about St. Francis a few months ago--it's on my 2016 reading list.
    Is your word for 2016 THINK?
    You two will do great on the Mediterranean diet.

  2. No, did I write something incorrectly? Think is a good word as in "think" before I grab something to eat. It reminds me to stop.....and think. I should write a note card that says, PREPARE AHEAD! I did shop for the week and then prepared the bags of vegetables and fruit for when needed. It's a lot of work to stay true to ones plan and keep it up!

  3. Happy New Year and I hope you enjoy eating some new things that are good for you this year! Happy Reading...