Sunday, February 28, 2016

January/New Art/Watercolor

Painting is something I have been playing with for a few years now.  I've taken classes from a teacher who knows classical painting methods and is quite successful in our area.  Learning to paint is much like learning to play the piano, learn from the great musician's and then take license to find your own style.  I've not been comfortable with dark paintings and have bucked it a bit.  As you can see my style is light, and I like it that way.  Now that I've said that, I'll probably paint something dark for next time! :)
January 2016/working on color
Palette: Bright Earth/Intense
I've recently painted several smaller works on one piece of paper, choosing a Bright Earth Palette because of how the colors glow on paper.  While mixing the colors I realized that the colors in my house reflect this group of paint colors.  I've been able to match the color in a bathroom, the living room and other rooms from this palette. What a lovely way to find out about color and how it works.
I can trust color when mixing it from three harmonizing colors. I do get stumped when not staying true to the basics, but in time that should change, I hope. 
The Bright Earth colors are Perylene Maroon, Indanthrene Blue and Raw Sienna.  The downside of this palette is the purple is less than spectacular but I've found I can use Cobalt Violet or Windsor Violet to bring up the mix.   
Something new to my love of watercolor painting is to share more of it via a painting forum.  It should be great fun and I look forward to meeting many more people who are encouragers of art! 
The group is Paint Party Friday and I'll be posting on schedule for it next Friday...except for today! :) 


  1. So pretty. You have lots of talent! Enjoy...

  2. It will be fun to see what your posts and painting photos here.