Monday, March 7, 2016

In the garden and out

There is a wonderful thing happening in the garden!   Perennial flowers and bulbs are popping up!
It means a profusion of color is coming!  
Presently the pansies are one of the most colorful plants in the garden.  Pansy winter over quite well and don't die back.  They go into a bit of shock but usually pull out of it as soon as winter wanes.

Daffodils have been up for a while, but this clump has waited to put out flowers.  It may because they were planted last October and this is their first year in the garden. 

The round leafed plant below is Columbine.  It's it a beautiful plant with fragrant flowers. Columbine self sow, have a mind of their own, and grow profusely. It will be a bit before we'll see the flower, but as they progress, I'll bring them back to show. 

Bushy Forget-me-knots come up all over the garden, another self sower.  There will be a burst of blue in about a month and when that happens, I'll share it, too! 
It's a brand new week and full of promise!  My first stop this morning will be the floral shop!  It's work, but the kind that gives rather than takes, if you know what I mean?  I have my usual customers on Monday mornings.  One person is a young man that drives ten miles out of his way to buy roses from us.  He is a delightful, and has a very happy wife. She gets these bouquets regularly. He brought her in to meet me a few weeks back, and now we are friends! This another kind of seed throwing and friends like this make my week! 
You have a good one!! 


  1. I'm thinking I need some forget me knots in my yard! The pansies are so pretty right now!

  2. you are an inspiration, love your spring garden coming up!