Monday, March 21, 2016


 We have all heard those elusive frogs croaking when we're outside, and we heard one that was close by this day! This guy was under a plastic bucket near our raised garden. He was shocked to see us, and we felt the same!  I quickly ran in the house for the camera!  Brown frog didn't move a muscle until I got back to take a few pictures, and immediately put the bucket back over him.  
On Google I looked up Oregon Spotted Frog and found they live in Oregon and Washington. It is a "relatively rare frog, and listed as "vulnerable" on the web site.  They use to live in California but have been extirpated there. They live on insects and rotting vegetation.  He probably came to our place from a nearby stream.  It was pretty exciting to find him, and we had to share the find with our grandson who likes to go on frog hunts often!
Much to our surprise, while we were uncovering the frog, our grandson was falling off a slide, and broke his arm!  This is a first broken bone to one of our Grand Treasures, and there is a lot of sympathy sent his way!  He got a bright red arm cast that will help mend the break in a few weeks.
 A special sucker was needed this day! 

Later that same day we got our raised beds ready for planting, and a dozen strawberry plants went in the dark rich earth.  There are several bags of Starbucks coffee grounds in there! Smells wonderful and keeps our kitty from stepping in! 
For the past two years we have planted Sea Breeze strawberries.  They are ever-bearing and as nice as they can be.  We'll have strawberries all summer long!  Delicious!
The rest of the garden will get planted over the next couple of months. Pea's can go in early and so can lettuce. We'll hold off on tomatoes and cucumbers for warmer weather in May.

Having a garden is so worth the little work they require. It's all organic, fresh, healthy, and delicious.  This year we have bought heirloom seeds from a local seed company, not far from us called Victory Seeds.  If you are interested in finding quality heirloom seeds this is the place to buy them!

There is much to be grateful for, and this week was no exception!
We are looking ahead to Good Friday and Easter!  We will be celebrating Christ's resurrection with friends and family. 
I hope you have a good week! 


  1. What a great shot of that frog! I know you will have a nice bounty from your garden. So sorry about that broken bone! It's good that those young ones heal quickly. We are looking forward to Good Friday and Easter here, too.

  2. Somehow I am missing the notifications that you are posting :(
    I am going to have to just check in on my own more often :)

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