Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sprouting in a jar!

I'm itching to get out in the garden but the weather is making it difficult! What we hear from the weather man is this has been the most wet year in our area since 1947. We are accustom to rain.  It allows us to have lush green gardens without watering constantly, and we do grow weeds rather well!  Our raised beds are being weeded today, and prepared for planting.  This is being done quickly while it is not raining! Next week I'll share how that has gone. 

Inside the house I've started sprouting bean, radish and lentil seeds.  It's something anyone can do and the outcome is a very fresh tasting salad.

Directions: Get a quart jar and a lid with holes in it for draining off water. I have a special sprout lid that can be purchased in most stores that carry kitchen gadgets. 
Put one part seed to four parts water in the jar, and let them soak for 3 to 4 hours.  Rinse and drain.  Allow the seed to spread out evenly in the quart jar.  Rinse and drain sprouts two to three times per day, and keep them from direct light.  By rinsing and draining it helps prevent fermentation. When all the seeds are sprouted put them in a plastic bag, and refrigerate until used.  It's best to use the sprouts within 2 -3 days.  They should smell fresh and green! 
This batch of sprouts are about a day off from eating.  Don't they look good?  This is a great way to add minerals and vitamins into the diet without taking a pill! 
It's one way I'm "Keeping" in tune with living healthy! 
And, it can't hurt to have this kind of food added to the diet. 
I hope you give it a try! 
Happy Days!!

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