Friday, April 8, 2016

An Eric Carle kind of art for Paint Party Friday with our grand Ninja boy!

 For a couple of days this week our grandson came to spend time with us. He loves to do "art projects" and sometimes I don't know what we'll do until we start doing it!   
We read a book by Eric Carle earlier in the day, so we proceeded to use his art as our guide.  Eric Carle is known for his painted paper and scissor cut designs.  We didn't paint any paper but simply cut colored paper into shapes and pasted them on a larger piece of paper.  Good to go! 

Our boy broke his arm a couple of weeks ago.  It was just something that happens when kids jump from things.  He is healing and isn't jumping from anything while here.  It is quite amazing how kids adapt to a mishap because it didn't slow him down. 
 Pretty sweet to see what the finished product became!  I love it! 

Below is the picture I made from cut paper.  Together we created something inspired by Eric Carle and had fun doing it!

 .....and then we moved on to Lego's!  Need I say more? 
There were several jaunts outside and some goat feeding.  Our goat, Professor, is always happy for  company and a few carrots! 
Did you know that goats don't have upper teeth?  There is a lot of crunching, and chewing noises going on, so somehow they are able to eat just fine.  If they nibble on your fingers there is no harm done. 

What else did we find?  Frogs! 
For some reason we have seen more frogs in the past two weeks than ever. 
This yellow frog jumped out from the path of our lawn mower!  So glad he did.....and he isn't small either. 
I can't locate the species name but will stay at it until I do.  It is a new one to us.

 The Brown Oregon Spotted Frog showed up under a plastic pond form, and then there was.......
.....another one, in a different location.  We checked on them many times this day.  They are both named Fred. Fred, the second, is in a window well, where it is quite dry, so we took him water.  He jumped in the container and there he stays. I've been flushing the water each day since then.  I hope he knows how to get out of the window well?  He seems rather satisfied with his environment. 
That's it for my week! 
Happy Paint Party Friday and Happy weekend!! 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Barn Painting/Paint Party Friday/Five

Not much painting went on this week due to spending more time outside enjoying the sunshine!
I did start this painting of a barn I drive by most days on my way to town. 
  The finished piece will have a broader scope than in this cropped version, measuring approximately 11"X14".

Thanks for stopping by to visit and share in Paint Party Friday hosted by Eva and Kristin.