Friday, June 17, 2016

It goes on.....

This is wedding season, and I am a florist in trade.  When I'm not working I am either at home enjoying the garden, watercolor painting, cooking, doing chores or interacting with family and friends.  There never seems to be a dull moment! This past week was full of flowers and a couple of weddings! I want to share a "new" to me rose that is simply beautiful and flawless. It is called "blueberry." We had to special order it and it is one I won't forget!
As you can see the color is intense and leans towards the blue side of hot pink. 
The wedding this rose is used in has a very bright palette but also a soft side using sweet pale peach spray roses for the wristlets.
One more stunning spray rose that came in this week and used for designing is here: Brilliant Stars
In my opinion this is a stand alone rose, in other words nothing more is needed to make it look any prettier.  It has the soft ruffle edge with a hint of green, and finished off with the pink center.  A bride could just order a bunch, wrap them with a bow and viola!

To change the focus, but still in the creative realm,  I am sharing my Paint Party Friday favorite for the week. 
My sketchbook work is coming along, and providing so many opportunities to work quickly as well as having fun doing it!  For this days work I chose a trip out to the garden to pull up some heirloom radishes.  They were so pretty in shape and color. 

Each day this week I've done a quick sketch.  The 30 Challenge is a challenge in finishing one page a day!  The other gals that are participating have agreed that we don't have to have them all painted but just to work on them as we can over this month.  The 30 Day Challenge is a result of a class taken from Leslie Fehling

I find that having a goal helps me progress and keeps me motivated.  How about you?

Happy Friday, Happy weekend, and Happy Day!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Quick sketching.....30 day challenge.

After taking the Sketching Journal class with Leslie Fehling, I agreed to do a thirty day challenge, which consists of doing a quick sketch each day for thirty days.  This is day two and the subject revolves around what is planted in my garden.  The sketches took seconds to draw, after I created the boxes.  When drawing the boxes I didn't know what would go into each one.  I simply walked outside, and began drawing what is in one herb pot, and included my raised garden area.
Each day will be a different and certainly not all of them will be a two page spread. 

Watercolor sketching is quite different that pure watercolor painting.  It's more playful and less concerned about getting every detail painted exactly as seen.  Painting a picture can be playful too, but a bit more thought goes into it than in a sketchbook. 
I hope to improve my drawing skills and have a wonderful book of memories to look back on when it's done.  Another aspect of journaling is writing the story of what the sketch is about, and I have not quite gotten to that, yet.
This kind of art is exactly what I felt was needed in my everyday creative pursuits.  It fills that need to express life through color and marks on paper.  I'm grateful for the new found skill that helps me go forward and continue to art play! 
Happy Paint Party Friday!  Thanks to all of you who visit and comment.  It is a great encourager!