Friday, October 28, 2016

Five tiny pumkins. For family.

Five tiny pumpkins were carved while we enjoyed the company of family from three sides of our family tree this past weekend.  We ate, laughed, talked and enjoyed some pretty nice outdoor weather. 
Brynn Macy and Papa Jim
 Sage Macy
 Derin and Kennady
 Claire Petersen
 Silas Petersen
 Claire, Derin, Andra, Kennady, Sage, Erin, Silas, John and Brynn.
 My brother, Gary, Judy, Me and Bruce in the back.
 Me and Jim
 Me, Gary and Margie
 The men.  John, Derin, Bruce, Silas and Gary.

It's was an honor to have all of these loved ones in our barn for some low key fun.  I don't really have a story to tell except gathering like this is not taken lightly. We love this time of life!


  1. Love! Love everything I see here. Thanks, Julene.

  2. How lovely to get together and have fun together. Those pumpkins make me smile! Cute!

  3. What a fun afternoon! It was great to see the family!