Friday, November 25, 2016

Green trees and gratitude

My painting took a back seat this week but I did work on doodling some evergreen trees with watercolor.  Trees are not easy to pull off and they take practice. The brushes a person use does effect the outcome of the trees and I will be figuring which brush works best in the coming weeks. I also believe there is a sort of signature to trees.  We each possess something unique that is brought to there shape and structure.  I haven't quite found "my signature tree" yet. 

We spent Thanksgiving with family.  It was a lovely day filled with good conversation and yummy food.  I'm thankful we could be with our family and share the holiday in this way. 

Last weekend my paternal family members met in Portland for a meal and time to catch up.  We have found as the families are growing there is less opportunity to get together...unless we are intentional at planning.  We decided it was time to gather and enjoy a low stress meal (cooked by other people). We are missing two families in the line of first cousin's but enjoyed time with those who could make it. 

My best to you this time of Thanksgiving!
Please go over the Paint Party Friday and see the art work that many have shared. 
Thanks to Eva and Kristin!
O my, again......I was chosen at random as this weeks artist to be highlighted on Paint Party Friday web site! Thank you Eva and Kristin! 

Friday, November 18, 2016


 I finished up the two paintings started last week.  I work slow....daily adding layers, letting them dry and then standing back to inspect. One can always add more but at some point it's time to quit and call them done. 
Red Pear/Blue Plate
This still life has strong vertical structure.  I'm thinking of doing it one more time and adding movement to the background, give dimension to the base and foreground.  As it stands there is a strong grounding to the piece and  a little flow might make it even better? 
How do I come up with this critique?  The group of watercolorist I meet with each week have helped me.  Each of us share our weekly progress and offer input.  It's a great way to learn and consider other approaches to a subject.  Our teacher, Jan Glenn, is a huge support to the group and keeps us pushing toward trying new methods and techniques.  She is a strong teacher of design and balance, as well. 
Flowing River
Flowing River is taken from a picture in Keith Fenwick's watercolor book.  I like his style and enjoyed doing the study in creating a river, countryside and sky. 
Linking to Paint Party Friday, a community of artist's who contribute and encourage those who enjoy artistic pursuits. 
It's time to begin a couple of more watercolor paintings! 
O, The JOY of it!!
Happy Friday! 
Oops...almost forgot sky pictures! 

Morning on the meadow and evening sky from the driveway..... this week. 
I love to see the colors, shadows and fluffy formations that cross our view each day.  Often I see great birds fly overhead, everything from Blue Heron's, Red Tail Hawks and American Eagles. We are in their flight path and someday I'll have a camera ready!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Started but not complete.

Some weeks are not conducive to finishing up works of art but they allow for starting a couple of things.  I don't know about other people but when I go to the grocery store, enter the produce department I start putting together still life arrangements.  This week that is what I did and brought home some colorful example of nature's bounty!

 I began playing with the fruit....with the understanding that they tell a story when placed in certain ways.  I turned the stems this way and that as if two were talking, the third pear was looking on. 
 Here the pear is standing by and below one is taking a rest.  The small bowl is a great gathering point in the landscape. 
 Pretty apples with color variation and interesting shapes enter the scene. 
 An old jug comes into the play but appears overwhelming to the small fruit.  The acorn could not be ignored either. 

And then there was balance.......and I was off to sketch, prepare the paper and begin to paint. 

The painting has a ways to go along with a landscape that I'm attempting.  Lets see how far I get and report back next week.  Happy Paint Party Friday!  Please go to the web site and see other artists that are hard at work creating amazing things! 

I like to add a little of my surroundings each week.  I find great comfort in this view and its changing beauty.  This is from yesterday in the am.
 This was taken yesterday evening and just before the sun dropped in the West.  I never know what I may see in "the twinkling of an eye!"  I feel gratitude and peace inside during some difficult times.
That's it for this week!  I hope you each have a nice weekend and find some things to be grateful for.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Full moon and Autumn's passing......

My painting this week for Paint Party Friday is of August's full moon from the dock at Esperanza, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  The work measures 8 x 11 and is done using Cobalt blue, Payne's gray, Hooker's green and a touch of Burnt Sienna. There are about 10 layers of wash over the paper and I could keep going, but have chosen to call it good.  Esperanza is pretty far North on Vancouver Island, and the full moon lit up the sky in a bright blue which reflected on the water.
"Moon over the water"
Below are several pictures taken this past week here at home. This one from the road looking back up the driveway towards the house.
And, a photo taken from the house towards the street.
This red maple grows in our backyard and is pretty in all seasons. It has lost many of the leaves already.

This little dogwood grows along our driveway.

The leaves are quickly falling.  Sometimes it looks like it is snowing(raining) leaves.
Carpets of leaves are around each of our many trees. In Oregon we have many varieties of evergreen trees so it is nice to have the lovely deciduous scattered here and there to break up the green a bit.
Keep in mind the leaves do have to be dealt with!


We look at the leaf situation as an opportunity to exercise! Good thing, right?
 There have been several beautiful days in the past two weeks and each day this happens we do a little happy dance!
Just in......tonight's sunset! I think this sky promises another nice day tomorrow.
Thursday (Nov. 3rd)

What does Autumn look like in your neighborhood?
My goodness...I've been selected by Paint Party Friday as the featured artist this week!! I'm
honored and surprised! Thank you so much!