Friday, November 18, 2016


 I finished up the two paintings started last week.  I work slow....daily adding layers, letting them dry and then standing back to inspect. One can always add more but at some point it's time to quit and call them done. 
Red Pear/Blue Plate
This still life has strong vertical structure.  I'm thinking of doing it one more time and adding movement to the background, give dimension to the base and foreground.  As it stands there is a strong grounding to the piece and  a little flow might make it even better? 
How do I come up with this critique?  The group of watercolorist I meet with each week have helped me.  Each of us share our weekly progress and offer input.  It's a great way to learn and consider other approaches to a subject.  Our teacher, Jan Glenn, is a huge support to the group and keeps us pushing toward trying new methods and techniques.  She is a strong teacher of design and balance, as well. 
Flowing River
Flowing River is taken from a picture in Keith Fenwick's watercolor book.  I like his style and enjoyed doing the study in creating a river, countryside and sky. 
Linking to Paint Party Friday, a community of artist's who contribute and encourage those who enjoy artistic pursuits. 
It's time to begin a couple of more watercolor paintings! 
O, The JOY of it!!
Happy Friday! 
Oops...almost forgot sky pictures! 

Morning on the meadow and evening sky from the driveway..... this week. 
I love to see the colors, shadows and fluffy formations that cross our view each day.  Often I see great birds fly overhead, everything from Blue Heron's, Red Tail Hawks and American Eagles. We are in their flight path and someday I'll have a camera ready!


  1. Beautiful rt, the still life is my fave today, and the sky photos are great, thanks for sharing. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Oh, they're beautiful! Both of them!

  3. Both are lovely but my favorite is your beautiful still life, rich colors and great design!

  4. gorgeous art and photos. Happy PPF!

  5. Wow, Julene! Your fruit looks so real! I love the pastoral river scene. It is so peaceful and beautiful.

  6. Oh - I love your Stilleben! Your red shade is soft and sophisticated!

  7. Julene both pieces are amazing. Both have are so different but I can see you touch in them.

  8. Soft, beautiful paintings. Especially love the Flowing river.
    Happy PPF ❤

  9. Lovely still life and beautiful photos!